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From Paddock to Plate
Beef MasterClass

Join The Farmer, The Butcher and The Chef
for fascinating conversation, butchery demonstration and great food.

From Paddock to Plate
Beef MasterClass

Guest Demonstration

Join The Farmer, The Butcher and The Chef.

In this insightful series of classes we bring together experts who can tell the story of how your food gets from the paddock to your plate.

WA produces the finest meats and poultry. Make sure you are eating ingredients that support your body. Good food is not hard to serve at the dining table. You’ve just got to know where to get it from!

Free range and wherever possible organic produce will of course provide you and your loved ones with the best nutrition. We invite primary producers into our kitchen to meet you. They are passionate and committed to farming the best meat and poultry possible. Enjoy conversation with the farmers who work the land and discover what their world is like.

Once humane slaughtering processes are completed, it’s the butchers turn to work their magic. How long does it take to obtain maximum flavour and texture from the meat? What happens in the time between the carcass leaving the abattoir to when beautiful cuts are presented in the butchers display cabinet?

Well you’ll be able to ask the questions and view the skills of a great butcher in this class too.  What a spectacle as a whole blade of beef including the oyster is sectioned piece by piece. It’s a fabulous way to understand where each cut of meat is derived and what cooking method is best for them.

Here’s where the chef comes in! Cook meat to maximise its nutrition, texture and flavour and you have honoured the animal and all the work that has gone before. Proudly dish it up on your plate and consume to sustain your existence.

Long and slow, fast and hot. BBQ or oven, grill or frying pan. Accompaniments, sauces, vegetables, carbs. The list is endless. As a chef I love bringing all components together so you as the consumer can satisfy all your senses. Seductive aromas, pleasing presentation, mouth-watering flavours and intriguing textures.

You’ll love this special event. Bring some wine and perhaps a friend. Sit, relax and admire the spectacle, join in with the conversation and eat what we have prepared and cooked in front of you. The long table dinner will finish with a small sweet treat and coffee or tea to round off the evening. You are welcome to BYO.

Making an ethical choice, whatever meat is your preference, you’ll know the animal has lived a good life, experienced a humane death and the butcher has used every part of the body. There is a wonderful system of relationships between animal, farmer, butcher and cook.

Recipes cooked and eaten in the DEMONSTRATION Beef MasterClass include

  • Slow Braised Beef Cheeks in Red Wine with Cheesy Polenta and seasonal vegetables
  • Pulled Lime Beef Tacos with Fresh Salsa
  • BBQ Beef Rump on Yorkshire Puddings with Horseradish Cream
  • Classic Chocolate Brownies with Coffee or Tea

PRIMARY PRODUCERS  David and Joan Cook from Dandaragen Organic Beef will be co-presenting the class. Meet the farmers who care for the beautiful beef we get to enjoy.

BUTCHER Carlos Florença from Prontos Gourmet Butcher (The Store, Queens Road, Mt Pleasant) will be breaking down the meat.

CHEF Tracey Cotterell, Owner and Managing Director of Matters of Taste and her team will cook and serve the dishes throughout the night.

Join us. You’ll love it, guaranteed.

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Tracey Cotterell

Tracey Cotterell
Tracey Cotterell


Tracey has been in the food industry since completing her Diploma in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management in 1982 in the UK. She worked for an outside catering company in London, then joined her parents in rural West Sussex running

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Tracey Cotterell

Tracey Cotterell


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