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Breakfast on the Go!

Hayley is in her final year studying Nutrition and Food Science at Curtin University in Perth.

February 28, 2020

Breakfast on the Go!

Generally when people think of ‘healthy eating’, they picture lettuce, brown rice and poached chicken. One of my biggest passion projects in life is to prove to you that this isn’t the only way to healthy eating! Healthy is a different concept for every single person and I would love to give you some tools to help you discover what healthy looks like for you.

This week we developed some delicious breakfast bars – gorgeous dried fruits and spices, seeds and filling oats which all encapsulate ‘healthy’ eating.

Something I often see people have trouble with is nutritionally navigating snack foods. Often fruit can be boring to some and veggie sticks are bland – so we turn to easy, convenient options like packaged chips. An ongoing battle for many people (including myself!) is avoiding these foods in times of hunger and the 3pm slump. Therefore, one of my top tips is to be prepared as much as you can be! When you have options at home that fit into your balanced diet, you’ll be less likely to spend money on store-bought snacks.

Breakfast on the Go!

By creating these breakfast bars, we hoped to provide you with something to grab-and-go that you know will be nourishing and beneficial for your body, all while satisfying any yummy/sweet cravings you may have! I’d like to break down some of the ingredients and why I’m happy they are a part of this scrumptious snack.

OATS: oats and their benefits are becoming more understood by the general population. Oats are a cereal grain that are commonly used in porridge, but globally their main use is livestock feed! It’s important in any diet to include wholegrain cereals as they provide a range of nutrients including protein and iron. They’re a great breakfast option as they are relatively low GI – this means your body takes longer to digest as they are higher in fibre. Oats are soluble fibre, one of three types – this means it helps to stabilise blood glucose levels and help make your bowel contents more viscous.

WHOLEMEAL FLOUR: wholemeal flour is really what it sounds like – the WHOLE grain is kept. Whereas, in white flour they process out the germ from the grain, just leaving the endosperm. Wholemeal flour therefore contains a higher content of protein, dietary fibre and the fats we are encouraged to consume. Flour and carbs are portrayed as evil, but don’t take these messages as being gospel! Whole grains contain some really great stuff that helps your body grow, as well as keep you fuller for longer (I see a theme emerging…).

LINSEED/FLAXSEED: we love adding additional nutrients through easy things like nuts and seeds! Introducing ingredients like linseed, pepitas or sunflower seeds into your diet means you instantly and easily boost nutrient intake. I did some research on linseed during my studies and I love it! We’re talking high omega-3 content, the same good fats you find in fish (however, flaxseed is said to be a richer source). I enjoy using flaxseed oil on salads to provide a nutty flavour.

As mentioned in the recipe, there are so many variations to this recipe you can come up with – different fruit, seed and nut combos (yum!!!). Let us know if you enjoyed making these or have taken any photos, we would love to see. DM or tag us @mattersoftaste @thecookscollectiveau @baileyandhayley

Hayley xx

Hazelnut, Fig and Cardamom Breakfast Bar recipe available on The Cooks Collective

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