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Are you up to date with all the new jargon?

An explosion of words has hit our vocabluary… do you understand much of what people talk about these days?

January 31, 2020

Are you up to date with all the new jargon?

How do you go with the overwhelming number of new words added to our vocabluary lately? Are you “all over it” or do you lose your way in conversations sometimes?

I’m fascinated to know how many people have actually got their heads around the new language, especially around the topic of food and eating. If you invited someone areoud for dinner who told you they were Flexitarian, what would you feed them?

In a clas the other day, I asked a group of 12 people (age ranging from early twenties to late fifties) this exact question and only 2 people knew the answer! Crazy isn’t it! I don’t ever remember in my lifetime, there being such a sudden increase in vocabulary that the general population regularly use in daily conversations. I’ll see if I can put some in context in this article (or should I say blog) and we’ll count up the words the at the end.

Concerning our wellbeing, I agree it should be holistic focussing on mind and body, looking after our interior and exterior. Before, it was just called health. Wellbeing seems far more exciting and do-able even though it involves multiple aspects, many of which we can instigate and monitor ourselves without the permission of a doctor.

Mindfulness in every aspect of our lives we are told, is of utmost importance. Just thinking about something doesn’t quite cut the mustard it seems. Are we over-analysing ourselves? Mindful eating is important, it’s all too easy to mindlessly sit in front of the TV or screen munching on snacks or over-eat at dinner time watching the sometimes fake-news and finding yourself swept up in the sadness and suffering of so many people in this time of globalization.

If I asked you how your microbiomes were would you know where abouts in your body you provide a home for these tiny things we can’t see or feel? Gut health is a big buzz word in food circles. It’s still new research, seemingly complex with much information coming across unclearly creating a lack of trust in experts who often contradict each other.

Are all Hipsters vegan? If vegans are against eating meat, why do they want to eat fake-meat products? These have to be super-process and refined, often causing more problems for climate change. I’ve listened to podcast interviews with the inventor of one of the leading fake-meat burger and at the end of the 30 minutes, I still was none the wiser about the originating components. It’s supposed to taste like meat, have a ‘meaty’ texture along with a blood like substance (I think it’s called Heme) which naturally occurs in all plants (except it’s invisible to the naked eye nad has to be extracted and separated from the plant first). You decide whether or not to put it in your body! I know which way I’ll go on this jury.

I’m more the Plant-Based kinda gal (does that make me a Hipster?). I love growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in my back and front yard and more and more I’m making these the starting point of dishes we eat at home. It gives a huge scope as there are loads of varieties of veg compared to the lamb, beef, pork and chicken most of us eat on a regular basis. Let’s not forget the seafood, as long as it’s sustainably fished and locally sourced. BTW (by the way) if you just ate chicken you’d call yourself a Pollotarian.

Let’s leave the last word to food shaming.  Carbohydrates and sugar are the two culprits. Bad, bad, bad…. oh, but wait, I’m now reading headlines from global media telling me ‘Carbs are Back Baby’!

It’s hard enough for us to decide on what to cook at home each night, but now the choice is also determined by a mine-field of moral and ethical dilemmas, possible judgement by others and uncertainty that we are doing the right thing amongst peers.

A Flexitarian is a person who’se chosen a style of eating that encourages mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation. Sound good doesn’t it, not too many restrictions (which can become depravity) within this range of foods.

I put myself in the J.E.R.F. category. I Just Eat Real Food (I did have to Google that as I couldn’t remember the acronym!)

I can count just over 20 words that if my dear Dad was to arrive back from heaven today after having lived there for 24 years, I bet most of the time he wouldn’t know what we were talking about!

NOTE TO READER: Please take this in the manner it is intended, a light-hearted look at how easily, society in general can be moulded into accepting what we are told in this age of ‘information’ and how quickly we embrace new concepts as the norm.

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