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Italian Family Holidays

7/10/2021 The magazine article said "Inspired by the simple breakfast cakes you find across Italy, this is the perfect bake to enjoy with an espresso."

Luscious BBQ Roasted Potato Salad

02.09.2021 Serendipitous events allowed the creation of this AMAZING potato salad! Perfect to accompany a BBQ steak on Father's Day, I can't imagine anyone not liking this. Please give it a go.

But what about the fat in Wagyu!

16.08.2021 Our journey into Wagyu cattle began due to Professor Dawkins’ interest in the healthier fat found in Japanese beef. Having long focussed on understanding the genetics of human health...

Pasture Raised Chicken

2.08.2021 Chickens living how chickens should! Free to eat the pasture, forage for bugs, have fresh air, take dust baths and soak up the sunlight at their leisure. 

Winter Fruit – Persimmon

28.06.2021 Persimmons have been like a new friend who I’ve got to know better and better over the years, until now I feel totally comfortable with them.

Akaushi Beef healthier meat which is big on taste

28.06.2021 We are so thrilled and excited to bring our customers this prime beef grown in WA.