Coronation Cauliflower

Coronation Cauliflower



Don't knock it before you try it! This is a magical combination of exotic spices, creamy sauce laced with mango chutney, golden roasted cauliflower and fresh herbs with the crunch of toasted almonds. 'Exotic' is code for Curry Powder with a smidgen of ground coriander to brighten flavours - as simple as that. It's divine.



500gm cauliflower
2tsp medium curry powder
1tsp ground coriander
1½Tbsp light olive oil
40gm Greek Yoghurt

150gm Greek Yoghurt
1 x small garlic clove
1Tbsp mango chutney
2tsp lemon juice

25gm slivered or flaked almonds
small handful mint leaves
small handful coriander leaves


  1. Pre-heat oven to 190°C.
  2. Cut cauliflower into floret chunks. Mix together, curry powder, coriander, oil, yoghurt with about 3gm salt (needs to be enough to season all the cauliflower). Toss cauliflower through sauce to completely cover. Place florets in a single layer, on non-stick paper lined baking tray. Use a silicone pastry brush to scoop up any remaining sauce and spread over cauliflower.
  3. Bake for 15-20 minutes (depending on size of pieces), until just tender and lightly coloured on edges.
  4. Meanwhile make sauce. Mix yoghurt with couple pinches salt, crushed garlic, mango chutney to your taste, and lemon juice.
  5. While cauliflower is roasting, place almonds on small baking tray and toast for about 7 minutes, until golden. Set aside to cool.
  6. When ready to serve, roughly chop mint and coriander. Mix half through sauce. Use other half to finish off dish.
  7. Spoon sauce onto a serving platter and spread out, leaving a border around the edge. Pile cauliflower onto bed of sauce and scatter with remaining herbs and toasted nuts. Serve hot, room temperature or cold from the fridge.


  • I recommend Herbies Spices medium Madras Curry Powder, Urban Forager’s Mango Chutney (simply the best) and Brownes, The Greek yoghurt. All available from MOT’s online Providore Grocery store.
  • The sauce, with 1tsp curry powder added to it, is ideal for mixing with chopped chicken or mashed boiled egg for a delicious sandwich filling.
  • Or mix sauce with leftover cooked roasted chicken and serve spooned over wedges of iceberg lettuce with halved cherry tomatoes and cucumber chunks seasoned with a little salt, then scatter with mint, coriander and toasted almonds.

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Delighted you like the recipe! It seems to be having it’s time in the spotlight with many customers enjoying serving Coronation Cauliflower to their friends and family Geraldine. xx

Tracey Cotterell

Love this Tracey! It’s on the menu tonight. Thank goodness we have all the ingredients ready to go…all from the Matters of Taste Providore. Yum!

Geraldine Garrett

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