Easiest Cookies in the World

Easiest Cookies in the World

Quality peanut butter is a great secret weapon to have in the pantry and these biscuits are a prime example of why.

With 3-ingredients (or 4 if you dip them in chocolate) they take less than 5 minutes to mix together in a bowl with a spoon! They don't contain flour or white sugar, and only take 12 minutes to bake.

Go ahead and order a bucket of stunning fresh Australian peanut butter made fresh for us by Bert from Byford. He's the founder of Nuttabutta. Psst... he makes the best granola in the world too and you can purchase this from our store as well.



250gm peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)
125gm almond meal (ground almonds)
120ml pure maple syrup
80gm milk chocolate


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180C. Line large baking tray with non-stick paper.
  2. Place all 3 ingredients in large bowl.
  3. Mix with large spoon to combine.
  4. Using a spring-action (15-20ml) mini ice cream scoop, shape 24 biscuits, or measure dough in 20ml tablespoon measure, or weigh 24 x20gm dough on scales to make 24 biscuits.
  5. With damp hands, roll into balls. Place on tray with couple cm's gap in between as they don't spread much during cooking.
  6. Dampen tines of a fork and press a criss-cross pattern in each biscuit, flattening each gently to about 1.5cm thick.
  7. Bake for 12 minutes, until lightly golden.
  8. Biscuits will be soft at first so leave on baking tray for a few minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. They'll harden up as they cool.
  9. Place baking tray in freezer.
  10. Melt chocolate in small bowl in microwave for 20 second blasts. Stir between heating to aid melting.
  11. Dip half biscuit in liquid chocolate and scrape majority off base using edge of bowl. Place biscuits onto chilled baking tray.
  12. Chill in fridge until chocolate has set.
  13. Place into air tight container, with non-stick paper layers in between. Store in pantry or fridge for up to a week.


  • Dampen hands under running tap and shake most moisture off. Repeat this after rolling every few biscuits. Only a little water is needed to stop biscuit dough sticking to your hands. 
  • Turn the tray around half way through cooking so the biscuits cook evenly.
  • If you like the biscuits soft in the middle, then cook for just 10 minutes.
  • There's no way these little biccies will last a week stored in the fridge or pantry. They are wickedly more-ish (even for a not peanut butter lover like me!) and will be eaten up in a flash.
  • I made half recipe amount on my first bake and then a day later, made a double batch which yields 24 biscuits as per this recipe. You decide how many you want.


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