Category: Fresh Produce

The Humble Spud

10.06.2022 Choose your potato varieties depending on how they'll be cooked. Plus next-level roasted potatoes.

The Pomegranate; not just a pretty face

24.04.2023 The pomegranates tangy, sweet/sour flavour and liquid-filled arils release their juice like natures popping candy.

Regenerative Agriculture in WA

16/02/2022 We often are asked if the fresh fruit and vegetables in our WA Produce Boxes are grown organically. The answer is no. BUT, this article explains the principles of regenerative agriculture and how farmers - custodians of the land - are ensuring they are growing healthy food, that cares for consumers and the environment.

Pasture Raised Chicken

2.08.2021 Chickens living how chickens should! Free to eat the pasture, forage for bugs, have fresh air, take dust baths and soak up the sunlight at their leisure. 

Winter Fruit – Persimmon

28.06.2021 Persimmons have been like a new friend who I’ve got to know better and better over the years, until now I feel totally comfortable with them.

Akaushi Beef healthier meat which is big on taste

28.06.2021 We are so thrilled and excited to bring our customers this prime beef grown in WA.

Sheep Milk Made

8.06.2021 A boy who left school in 2003 at the end of Year 11 thought he'd be commencing an apprenticeship. Luckily for us his plans changed when his parents bought a small property in Nannup, imported 3 East Fresian sheep...

Spaghetti Squash

10.04.2021 A most unusual squash is being grown in Western Australia. Simple to cook, you’ll have some fun with this versatile vegetable, mixing and matching flavour and texture combinations. Contained inside the yellow shell is...