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Mediterranean Chicken Filo Pie

Mediterranean Chicken Filo Pie

I adore this chicken pie! Apart from it being a good-looker it tastes delish and you can play with the flavours depending on seasons to make dozens of variations.

This recipe went ‘viral’ when I first included it in classes in the early 2000’s, before social media was a thing! It seemed like all my class attendees were making this versatile and spectacular pie.

The basis is a risotto type filling, but wait, don’t go away… it’s an easy no-stir risotto! In fact I could eat the rice component as a meal in its own right, scattered with a generous amount of freshly grated sharp parmesan or pecorino.

While the rice is simmering there’s time to prepare all the other components. And you don’t even need to make the pastry. Fresh filo is available from all major supermarkets in the refrigerated section.

I used chicken stripped from a roasted bird, but you could fry diced, boneless, skinless thighs or shred pre-cooked chicken breasts.

Or you could make a vego option without the chicken at all! In summer add a swirl of homemade basil pesto to the mix. In winter use leftover roasted vegetables perhaps with a stronger cheese such as a blue.

Serve the pie warm from the oven or cooled to room temperature.

Mediterranean Chicken Filo PieIf leftover pie is refrigerated, the pastry will soften. But, re-heat slices of pie in moderate oven for 10 minutes and the pastry will crisp up again beautifully.

Check out more tips on the printable recipe. If you’d like more help and advice on making this you’ll find a fun video on Matters of Taste’s  Collective online cooking school. Watch any video for any recipe any time, on demand. Would love to see you online!

If you post photos of your pie on social, please tag #mattersoftaste as I love seeing what you are making.


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