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Kids Cooking Classes

We love having our kitchen full of budding 10 to 16 year old cooks! We teach them how to chop, sizzle and taste using fresh food that the kids really enjoy.

Kids Cooking Classes

Hands On

We love having our kitchen full of budding 10 to 16 year old cooks! Let us teach them how to chop, sizzle and taste using fresh food that they’ll really enjoy.

One of the greatest skills we can ensure our children learn is to be able to cook for themselves. We can assist in nurturing their enthusiasm and building their confidence. Let’s face it, less worry for yourselves if you know they’ll be able to feed themselves once they leave home!

During school holidays, we delight in teaching 10 to 16 year olds culinary techniques with exciting hands on cooking in our kitchen. It’s pretty cool to be able to cook these days and we find equal keenness with boys as well as girls being inspired by the flavours they produce and eat.

A range of balanced and delicious recipes have been developed and designed by us. Being mums and teaching-chefs we can bridge the gap between the professional kitchen know-how and what is achievable at home. Our food is loved by the kids, after all they’ve been responsible for preparation and cooking so have knowledge of all ingredients used.

Food the kids will prepare, cook and eat in this class…a

Mexican Chicken Fajitas
Corn and Avocado Salsa
Cheese, Crisp Lettuce and Sour Cream

No-Cook Chocolate Fridge Cake

Dietary | Guidelines

Apologies, but due to the nature of this class and group participation only nut allergies can be catered for.

We have specific Kids Cooking Guidelines 2018-2019 for these cooking classes. Click on the highlighted link and familiarise yourself with them before making a booking. Many thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is designed for children between the ages of 10 to 16 years. For safety reasons please do not book any children younger than 10 into this class. Thank you for your understanding.

Cleaning up the kitchen mess, serving themselves food, table manners and general eating etiquette is woven into their learning. Taste Education is another aspect that is discussed in a safe environment with much positive peer group pressure!

We love the excitement and keen attitude of the kids. I guess they can sense that too, with our gentle and fun encouragement they are willing to take risks and taste foods they may be unsure of. Often, we see a change of heart about a previously disliked ingredient.  Every child has preferable tastes and it’s great for them to understand what they are and how to develop them.

Building on skills over time you’ll find them growing to understand the theory and science behind cooking to develop their capabilities. This means recipes will be easy for them to understand and execute. What a gift you are giving them, investing in their food education.

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Tracey Cotterell
Tracey Cotterell


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Tracey Cotterell

Tracey Cotterell


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