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The Good Loaf – Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is on the rise, all be it a slow one! Join this class to discover the fun in making dough with your very own starter as well as why fermented bread is the best for our health.

The Good Loaf – Sourdough Bread

Technique Workshop

Sorry, no transfers or refunds for classes booked during the remainder of 2020 so please choose carefully.

The Good Loaf hands-on technique workshop will help you to understand what it is about sourdough that makes it tastier, more digestible and a thoroughly rewarding ‘hobby’ to master.

In this ‘now’ society where things are immediate, a return to mastering a skill that takes time, understanding and attention, results in an achievement that is immensely satisfying. Having said it takes time, the ‘time’ doesn’t include your constant undivided attention.

The fascinating world of flour, water and air combining to create an edible leavened bread for the most, happens without you. A few minutes mixing, stretching and shaping allows you a moment to relate to and revere what you are creating and the rest you can leave up to nature.

The smell of your loaf cooking, the crack of the crust as it’s cut and the pleasant slightly sour, chewy crumb as you take a bite will easily convince you this bread is THE ONE.

Included in this class

  • How to look after your sourdough ‘starter’ so it remains in your family for many years to come!
  • Understand the structure of sourdough along with the chemical reaction that takes place during the proving explained
  • Learn from start to finish, the how’s as well as the why’s of each element involved during the making of sourdough bread
  • Practice kneading techniques
  • Use your senses to really know what’s happening during each stage of breadmaking
  • Make sourdough Fig Fennel and Walnut Loaf
  • Make sourdough pizza base into Rosemary Garlic Pizza Biancho
  • Make sourdough for sandwiches and toasting
  • Make Cultured Butter from scratch
  • Enjoy a Ploughman’s Lunch during class with our homemade Pickles and Chilli Jam, tasty cheese, fresh raw vegetables in season, pastured boiled eggs and of course fresh sourdough with cultured butter

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Tracey Cotterell
Tracey Cotterell


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Tracey Cotterell

Tracey Cotterell


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