Getting Started

How does the The Cooks Collective work?

Curious? The best way to discover how The Cooks Collective works is to give it a go. We offer a 14 day free trial on both subscriptions. No obligations, no lock in contact – you can cancel at any time! (but we think you’ll love it)

If you’re not ready for the trial and just want a quick explanation, The Cooks Collective is a trusted source of inspiration for your home kitchen. You’ll never be short of meal ideas as you explore our delicious recipes and entertaining video tutorials – but we’re more than just another recipe website, we have been teaching for over 20 years at our cooking school in Perth, Western Australia. With well over 75,000 people having come through our kitchen, we’ll guarantee with our expert guidance you will love cooking more and find it becomes easier and more pleasurable as you broaden your home culinary skills.

If you enjoy food and cooking already, you’ll love the insights, tips and professional teaching the team provide with a sparkle in their eye! If you have any questions, we welcome you getting in touch with us. We’re your personal cooking teachers and are here for you!

How do I apply a voucher code?

During the sign up process you can find the voucher code under the details fields. To sign up you can go to this link thecookscollective.co/sign-up.

What should I do if I’m having trouble applying a voucher code?

Please read FAQ ‘How do I apply a voucher code?’

If you are still having difficulty applying a voucher code, our support team are here to help! Please send an email with your details to support@thecookscollective.co

I want to sign up but it’s saying my email address is already registered.

This is because you already have an account with The Cooks Collective. Simply go the the login page, reset your password or if you have forgotten your email address or have accidently entered the wrong one please contact our team at support@thecookscollective.co

I’m all signed up, where do I go?

Welcome to The Cooks Collective! To access all of our on demand recipes and tutorials, head to our login page using your email address and password. Once logged in, the first step is to take a look around. Browse our recipes with step-by-step tutorials in the Cook section or discover our kitchen tips, tricks and techniques in the Learn section. Put some time aside to watch the selection of Kitchen Conversation programs or some live action from our kitchen in Food TV.

I have just finished my free trial, now what?

Once your free trail has ended, a payment for the next time period (monthly or annually) will be charged to your account. You are welcome to cancel at any time, but we think you will continue to love using The Cooks Collective!

Using The Cooks Collective

How do I save a recipe to revisit later?

If you see something you love, you can save it to your Favourites. Click on the heart in the right hand corner of each recipe or technique and it will automatically save. Revisit later when you’re ready to cook in our Favourites section.

Can I print the recipes?

Of course! Within your web browser in the top toolbar menu, use the print function.

I want to be a part of the Facebook group action, how do I join?

Wonderful, our members all get access to our private page and we’d love to have you as a part of the Facebook community. Head over to our private facebook group and request to access the group. Our team will work their magic and accept your request as soon as possible.

Why has my request to join the Facebook Group not been accepted?

Our Facebook group is exclusive to The Cooks Collective community and we would love to have you in there! If things are moving slowly, it might because your facebook name is not the same as the once you have used to sign up to The Cooks Collective, or because your Facebook email address is different to the one used for The Cooks Collective. If that’s the case, not a problem, let our team know at support@thecookscollective.co and we will look into it and sort it for you as soon as possible.

Account & Billing

Will my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, our subscriptions will automatically renew after the selected time period (monthly or yearly). If this is not for you, you are a welcome to cancel your subscription at any time from your Profile in The Cooks Collective.

How do the payments work?

The Cooks Collective is a subscription, once you make your first payment (after your free trial) all of the work is done. Payments will automatically be processed on the next date of your subscription (either monthly or annually). You can cancel your subscription at any time and still continue to have full access to The Cooks Collective until the end of your paid period.

Can you explain my payment options to me?

Of course! The Cooks Collective is $12.00 per month and grants you access to all of our delicious recipes, step-by-step video tutorials and much more! Or sign up for longer and save with our annual subscription at $96.00/year (We’ve done the math for you, it works out to be only $8.00 a month!)

To make this as seamless as possible, we use a third party payment system called Stripe – a leading company in secure online payments. To read Stripes security guide, head to https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe

I already have a subscription, can I use a voucher code?

To use a voucher you need to sign up for a new subscription. We recommend to wait until the end of your paid subscription and then cancel that subsciption. You will then be able to sign up again and use the voucher!

No need to sign up for a new account, all your favourites and relevany account information will still be available!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can upgrade or cancel your account in your profile under subscriptions.

How do I reactivate my account?

Head to our sign up page and select the membership that suits you best!

How do I update my account information, including my password?

Your profile page has all relevant information about your account, password and your subscription.

How do I login to my account?

Go to our Login page and input your username and password. For your username you can also input the email address you used to sign up. If you have forgotten your password, use the I forgot my password link on the Login page.

How do I update my payment information?

Go to your profile page and select the subscriptions tab, at the bottom you will see an action called update from here you can update your subscription with your latest payment details.

I didn’t receive the ‘reset password’ email

Okay let’s do some troubleshooting. Double check you are using the email you signed up to The Cooks Collective. All correct? Have you checked your spam or junk folder just in case our email has landed in there? If you still haven’t got it, please contact our team at support@thecookscollective.co

Get in touch

How do I contact you?

For general enquires please email us at hello@thecookscollective.co
For support and technical issues, please email support@thecookscollective.co

I’ve messaged The Cooks Collective team but I haven’t heard back

Don’t worry – we’re getting to your request as soon as we can. Please note that while we are active on Facebook and Instagram, we don’t have a marketing team who monitor social media 24/7! It’s really us who reply and often we are busy cooking! So if you have commented or messaged us after hours (WST) you’ll hear back from us on the next working day. An email follow up if urgent may assist your enquiry in reaching us.


Will my personal information be kept private?

Absolutely! Your privacy is extremely important to us. You can read our privacy policy.


To assist you in cooking our recipes successfully, here are a few guidelines

  • All recipes are written in metric Australian Standard Measures.
    • 1tsp = 5ml
    • 1Tbsp = 20ml
    • ¼ cup = 60ml
    • ⅓ cup = 80ml
    • ½ cup = 125ml
    • 1 cup = 250ml
  • All dairy products used during testing and cooking in class and on video productions are full fat.
  • All eggs are extra-large / 59gm / 700gm box of a dozen
  • tsp = teaspoon and Tbsp = tablespoon measured flat not heaped or rounded.
  • We assume all fruit and vegetables are washed before using.
  • We advise using digital scales to ensure accurate measuring.
  • All oven temperatures are fan forced.
  • Salt flakes are used in our recipes. 1tsp salt flakes weighs 3-4gm and 1tsp granular salt weighs 6-8gm. Take care when measuring and adjust to your taste.
  • Time noted for each recipe includes preparation and cooking of the dish. It is meant as a guide only and may vary depending on your cooking ability.
  • Dietary requirements are important due to so many allergies and intollerances. If the recipe states it is Gluten Free but there is a bottle sauce in the ingredients e.g. soy, we assume that you choose a gluten free brand.
  • We test our recipes numerous times at the cooking school and then often in class with the general public cooking them! We also cook them at home for our families in a domestic kitchen. This way, our hope is that we make them as accurate and real-life (and of course delicious) as possible. If you spot a mistake, whether it’s a typo or something more serious you are welcome to let us know.
  • Also remember we are here to assist you in improving your culinary skills. If something doesn’t turn out how you think it should or you are disappointed in what you’ve cooked from recipes on TCC, let us know what happened and we’ll see if we can give you some pointers. We are like your sports coach, but for the kitchen and we want to see you win!

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