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Cooking Memories

Childhood cooking memories, good or bad may have shaped the way you feel about cooking, food and eating as an adult.

October 24, 2018

Cooking Memories

kids cooking classes perth

Childhood cooking memories, good or bad may have shaped the way you feel about cooking, food and eating as an adult.

Last week one of our participants was particularly memorable, she teaches cooking to school kids. With a twinkle in her eye she immersed herself in the class and was a wonderful participant. Her presence brought about a turning point for me as we chatted about the importance of how cooking skills are taught to young people.

A few weeks earlier, during the final kids cooking classes in our kitchen for a while, I was overwhelmed by parents tales of how our classes had given their children so much pleasure and built their confidence in general. I heard some very personal tales of struggle and triumph which brought tears to my eyes.

Kids arrive for school holiday classes and if they haven’t been before, just like adults, they can be unsure of how time spent in the kitchen with us is going to go for them. We love gently encouraging and watching as they blossom and succeed in being part of a team. They are visibly proud of their cooking achievements and really enjoy eating around the long table with new-found friends who feel the same. Seeing the smiles are worth the work alone.

Whatever you know her job title to be, the Domestic Science, Food Technology or Home Economics teacher I met cemented my thoughts that we simply have to continue our school holiday program. So now is the time to book in your 10 to 16 year old children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Check out current classes on our website class page.

My earliest memory of formal cooking education was making quiche at school when I was about 12. We had to supply all our own ingredients and one was cheddar cheese. Trust our fridge at home to have Port Cheddar which turned my quiche an unnatural shade of pink! When taking the tin out of the oven, I accidentally dropped it, shattering my cardboard-like pastry and creating a wobbly pink mound on the classroom floor.

kids cooking class Perth

Way before I’d even heard of any H&S ‘3-second’ rule, the only thing I thought I should do was to scoop it all up back into the tin. I reconstructed the mess into something that resembled what I was supposed to have cooked as best I could.

kids cooking classes Perth

Later on, that evening as I served the pink quiche to my parents and sister around our dinner table, they told me I’d done a great job and that my effort was delicious. How lucky am I to have had such an encouraging family. I realised, then that being able to feed others was a gift.

This thinking around cooking is still with me today, and we will continue to teach this to all the children that enter our doors for years to come.

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  1. Ali Walker

    Loved the class I did with you, so great to be a student again. Loved meeting and chatting with you. For kids learning how to cook is a gift every child should be given. Whenever I make pastry it reminds of the special times with my Nanna, I hope we can ignite passion in kids to cook. I love reaching kids how to cook and seeing their faces when they have made a dish.Priceless. The food we eat should be made with love and shared. One of the best comments I’ve had from a student was ‘ Miss you were right my Mum said she could taste the love’

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