Your Produce Box FAQs

We keep it local, so everything is grown in WA. The majority of produce is grown on family farms in and around Manjimup (WA’s southern forests region), some comes from Bridgetown (mainly summer stone fruit), and some from our great southern region.

Fruits that cannot be grown in these areas like bananas come from Canarvon and the Gascoyne provides us with items when they are out of season down south.

Beyond the fruit and veg, our pastured eggs come from Charlie and Coleen Roberts at CharCol Springs. The spelt flour comes from Kate and Jeremy Groves at Mt Barker Flour while the white baker’s flour is wheat grown in WA and milled in Byford by Millers Foods. The salt flakes (the best in our opinion) are from South Australia harvested by Murray River Salt.

Farmers Choice boxes are filled with what’s best during each season.

When ordering, to view the contents, click on small or large box title on the ‘shop’ page to see current list.

You can purchase a wooden crate that will be for your use exclusively. Our wooden crates are built in Manjimup from locally sourced sustainable pine; they’re then sanded and marked with your name. A reusable thermal cover is part of the package, which assists in keeping the produce in pristine condition.

Ideally you should have two crates, especially if you chose the delivery option. This allows you to return the empty crate upon delivery and we’ll bring it back full of fresh produce. OR return your crate to Bicton before Friday so we can pack your next order. Remember, your crate and cover are for your use only. 

There is a small delivery fee of $7.70 for eligible Perth suburbs – check the list on the Produce Box page. Delivery to Bicton, Attadale and East Fremantle is free.

We’ll text you when we’re on our way and, as your purchase is your responsibility once delivered, it’s ideal if someone is home to accept the fresh produce.

We deliver produce boxes to the inner Perth metro area. Check the list of suburbs on the Produce Box page.

We have produce boxes to suit all different homes (and appetites). You can go for one of our farmer’s choice boxes or build your own.

  • Farmer’s choice – large: $70.00
  • Farmer’s choice – small: $55.00
  • Build your own – from $45.00

No. Simply order what you need, when you need it.

Create a personal login to set up convenient recurring orders.

This feature is available for pre-packed Farmers Choice (small or large) boxes only. Easy to change, skip while you are away or cancel. 

Once login has been created, place your order and during checkout, opt for a recurring order.

Amend any details by logging into your account.

Yes. Collective members receive a 10% discount via an online code. If you cannot find your code, let us know and we’ll make sure it finds you!

Yes! Well … almost. There are no more plastic liners in the large and small pre-packed produce boxes! This change is obviously a huge win for the environment and, when it comes to the condition of your produce, it will still arrive in pristine condition. It just took a bit of “thinking outside the box”, literally!

If there is any delicate produce that needs to be bagged within the box, it’s supplied in fully compostable bags.

Now to work on ridding ourselves of those pesky plastic punnets! It just has to happen, doesn’t it. Meanwhile, recycle them in your yellow lid bin.

Yes, we’re very passionate about recycling. We can re-use the cardboard boxes, so please return the empty box either to Bicton, on pick-up, or leave it out where your box is to be delivered so we can collect it. Compostable bags and brown paper bags are used for some produce and both are compostable. Plastic punnets (we are continually searching for eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives) can be recycled in your yellow lid council bins. 

You’ll receive the recipe as a PDF via email on Fridays. You can then print or save it on your PC.