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Feel Better, Live More

Meet Dr Rangan Chatterjee

January 7, 2021

Feel Better, Live More

Often I’ve been known to buy myself a wheel of Spanish Manchego Cheese for Christmas, but this year under the tree was a book.

The 4 Pillar Plan written by Dr Rangan Chatterjee along with his brilliant long-format podcast Feel Better, Live More have presented to me sustainable lifestyle improvements I’m excited to make.

Rangan (pronounced Rongan) is an English GP and a pioneer in the emerging field of progressive medicine. He takes a common sense, broad approach to health.


Mid-way through 2020 I found Rangan’s podcast ‘Feel Better, Live More’ and have been listening in the car to and from work. These 10 minute sessions have re-opened my mind to the fact that my focus needs to shift to my priorities first, then I can perform at optimum level everywhere else in my life – family, friends, wellness and work. 

Somehow I’d got caught up in all that was happening last year and had forgotten (in fact, thought it was impossible) to put myself first so my health and wellbeing has been suffering.

His podcast guest list and conversations are infinitely inspiring.

Topics range from functional differences between women’s and men’s brains to instant gratification in society, from fear being an unknown constant companion to why an aversion to exercise is completely normal.

An important aspect is the long-format design. These podcasts give an in-depth insight to every conversation which eventuates into a clear understanding of what’s being discussed. Often, in this era of constant information tsunamis, we are fed pieces of incomplete information which we digest quickly and can leave us with much we don’t know, that we don’t know!

We can all follow Rangan’s philosophy for achieving a life we want to lead; he makes good health simple and it all makes so much sense. Food plays an important part, but it has to combine with, and create a balance alongside other aspects in your life.

The 4 Pillar Plan holds wonderful insights into Relaxation, Food, Movement and Sleep. Small everyday changes are detailed for each segment with suggestions and advice on how to live long-term, to keep ourselves healthy.

A book like this is a perfect reminder of what is important in life. My copy is now in the house where I can see it; on the coffee table in our lounge, by my bed or even in the bathroom – anywhere I spend time reading!! I’ve actually read it twice (something I don’t often do) and will be sure to pick it up when the time comes to refresh my mindset. This book was not written to just be flicked through and then live out it’s days on the bookshelf gathering dust.

Do yourself a huge favour and subscribe to the Feel Better Live More podcast – at least listen to episode #142 titled 8 Powerful Ideas to Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet. This compilation will give you a good cross section of various conversations recorded in 2020.

Don’t listen to podcasts? You can watch on You Tube.

Buy The 4 Pillar Plan from Booktopia or Dymocks.

These are a few of the 2020 Feel Better Live More podcasts that I particularly loved

#136 Ariana Huffington: Microsteps and Rituals to Help You Thrive

#131 Tim Spector: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Food Is Wrong (don’t like the title but the conversation is great!)

#129 Dr Lisa Mosconi: Why Women Are More Likely To Develop Alzheimer’s

#130 Deepak Chopra: Waking Up To Your Full Potential

#122 Jay Shetty: How to Think Like a Monk and Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose

… and I’ve just started listening to #145 James Clear: How To Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones and so far it’s brilliant! You’ll find yourself grinning at the examples James gives about how often we aren’t aware of our habits and the simple solutions he suggests.

The 4 Pillar Plan

In fact, I’m going to sign off now and listen to the rest of the podcast.

Let me know how you go with listening to or watching the podcast, and if you buy it, reading the book. Which conversations did you enjoy and why?


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