Join us on a food adventure

Imagine having the ultimate food experience surrounded by people who share your passion for food and cooking. That’s the kind of adventure we have on our food tours. And, the meals are just one (very important) part of the itinerary!

“Our food tours are designed to be the ultimate insider’s guide to a world of food beyond the borders of your home.”

– Tracey Cotterell

Our gourmet food tours are all about serving up unforgettable memories. Sure, that means unforgettable meals, but it goes a lot further than that. Hosted by Tracey and Anthony Cotterell, you’ll travel to the farms that grow your produce and be introduced to the people who are innovating the way that we experience food, from primary producers to artisan makers. So, where are we going next?

On the Hunt Truffle Tour

24th July 2022
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A fascinating and delicious trip to the southwest countryside in mid-winter, donning beanies, scarves and boots to unearth the worlds most expensive food ingredient.

Hobart, Huon Valley and Bruny Island Tasmania

12th November 2022
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Unearthing culinary delights offered in this unique corner of the world, will leave you refreshed and invigorated.

Southern Forests of Western Australia

23rd October 2022
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This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of flavour and stories with close-up, personal access to the local heroes who grow our food.

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Where it all began?

Our original tours were all about dining in the restaurants we had only read about in glossy magazines. On our first tour, we visited Melbourne’s Longrain Restaurant and sat in awe of the flavours bursting from each Thai dish. Meeting Head Chef, Martin Boetz, in his kitchen took the food experience to the next level and became the seed for our gourmet food tours as they are now. 


15 years on and, rather than just experiencing food in a restaurant, we now design immersive city and rural adventures, with insights from some of the most fascinating minds the food world has to offer. Pair that knowledge with travel and a community of like minded people and you get a once in a lifetime culinary experience.