Southern Forests of Western Australia

Agri Food Tour |
27th March 2022
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Our southern forests agricultural food tour is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of flavour and food stories. You’ll get close-up, personal access to the local heroes who grow our food. It’s a tour worth falling for.

The wonder of this tour is truly evident as we gain a deeper connection to the land and the people who nurture it. Arriving wide-eyed and hungry for adventure, we all leave unofficial ambassadors of WA’s southern forests. 

The Season

After the busy summer harvest, the Southern Forests farming community begins to embrace a slower pace. It’s in Autumn when we get to explore everything that the region has to offer. You’ll be welcomed through farm gates, into private homes, farm packing sheds, and local food venues to witness the whole story. It’s also a chance to meet the people behind the food – growers, food personalities, primary producers, chefs, and cooks.

The Food

WA’s Southern Forests region is brimming with globally famous produce – an impressive evolution from its wood milling history. It’s now covered in an abundance of orchards and avocado growing is increasing at an exponential rate. On this tour, you’ll get the chance to walk amongst rolling paddocks with their rich soils that produce fruit, vegetables, and nuts with so much natural flavour. These experiences really do bring you so much closer to your food and make the world feel a whole lot more connected.

The Land

This fertile land, 300 kilometres south of Perth, is rapidly earning a reputation as one of Australia’s premier growing regions. The towering Karri forests that surround the farming land not only deter pests and diseases, but large corporations as well – which is just the way we like it! Third and fourth generation farming families work on the land that their great grandparents cleared by hand. We would love the chance to show you around.

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