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Moroccan flavour to Rock Your Casbah

May 31, 2016


harissa in bowl

tunisian harissa

Harissa is a staple in the North African, and more specifically the Tunisian, diet. It’s used to add both flavour and colour to many preparations.

Harissa is a counterpart to an Asian sambal, although very much hotter on the palate as it has not been mellowed by cooking or had the addition of sugar.

Made with a base of roasted red capsicums with fiery chillis and spices added. It has a warming flavour profile and is traditionally served as a condiment, like a relish.

As with all chilli preparations, test the water first, taste, and then use accordingly.

Christine Manfield’s Harissa was the most popular item we sold in our store from 2003 to 2012 by a country mile. Her harissa is more versatile than the products that come in a tube (pictured left) these are blow-your-head-off hot.

Ensure if you are using any other harissa than CM’s, try before adding to your dish.

Try Christine’s Grilled Harissa Spatchcock recipe if you’d like to play.

Cooks Notes

  • Flavour suited to Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean style food.
  • Stir through vegetable broth soups before serving.
  • Add to hummus or guacamole.
  • Add to mayonnaise to spread in a sandwich.
  • Mix with natural or Greek yoghurt and dollop on top of BBQ lamb chops.
  • Mix through couscous after soaking.
  • Add to vinaigrette for a Middle Eastern style salad dressing.
  • Add to marinade for lamb, chicken or pork with olive oil, lemon juice and mint.
  • Add to mayonnaise for coleslaw with a kick!
  • Add to middle eastern style lamb shanks, casserole or braise.
  • Serve as a condiment with BBQ meat.
  • Serve with oil and a little lemon juice for dipping bread.
  • Mix through olives.

5 Comment(s) Product Profiles

  1. Tracey I think that Christine Mansfield’s Harissa is one of the best on the Market.
    I was introduced to the Harissa through one of your classes. Love it spread on fresh bread with butter and
    cheddar cheese. Thanks Marilyn

  2. Tracey

    Do you sell the harissa paste?

    • admin

      Sorry no Tracey we don’t retail food any more. Simon Johnson is the distributor of Christine Manfield’s Harissa. You may want to call the Subi store and find out which retailer near you stocks it.

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