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Inspire Children (young and old) to Cook

…get into your kitchen so you can enjoy the taste of success.

June 21, 2016

Inspire Children (young and old) to Cook

A gift for a lifetime is culinary know-how. It enables you to stay alive! Pretty basic stuff really.

Without good nutrition our bodies tend to break down and we become ill. Maybe physically. Perhaps mentally.

Somehow sectors of our society have got lost along the way. What was an essential skill, passed down through generations, has been eroded by lifestyle choices. Change has to happen in human evolution. We can’t stay still…nothing ever stays the same.

How you learn is immaterial. That you DO learn is imperative. Whatever age you are.


If we can harness children who are enthusiastic about cooking, lets do it! And if the grown-up’s want to learn the essential foundation too, there is the How To Cook FOOD IQ Series, just for you guys.

In our Get Kids Cooking Classes we encourage curiosity, questions and participation. This way we allow participants to think for themselves as well as us leading them with a guiding hand.

Cooking delicious food is a great way to learn. Of course! I hear you say. But, when I was 16 years old and studying for a Tech Diploma in Hotel Catering and Institutional Management, learning was a lot less fun. Very rarely did we get to sit down and enjoy what we cooked. It was purely professional and we were there to cook for paying guests. A dip of a teaspoon and a quick taste was all we were allowed. I feel it was sort of like doing a jigsaw puzzle, with pieces missing. We could see how the complete picture should look, but without all the pieces it felt unfinished and we felt unfulfilled (although I don’t think we realised it at the time).

Cooking is an arena where the amateur can be better than the professional. Choosing to cook for pleasure, sometimes is a better way to go than choosing it as a career path. Although we have a number of clients and even a MoT Teacher (from way back who was a client before she became a professional) jump ship and climb on board the cooking train. Our past teacher is, 16 years later, still cooking and running her own cafe. She’s in her element. Far happier than when she was working in a bank.

Enjoying a meal around the table is part of the cooking process. The kids love laying the place settings and then enthusiastically chattering as they eat. We discuss the food they have cooked, its’ flavour and texture. They are also allowed to say they don’t like something – as long as they can explain why. Great conversations are had this way. An appreciation of what parents go through to put a nutritious dinner on the table each evening is also cultivated.

If you’ve never had the time to learn to cook, why not make it now. Look after yourself, whether you are 10 years old or 50 years old, you will benefit physically and mentally. We can show you how rewarding and satisfying cooking can be.

Hope to see you in our kitchen soon, so you can get into your kitchen and enjoy the taste of success.

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