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Italian Family Holidays

The magazine article said “Inspired by the simple breakfast cakes you find across Italy, this is the perfect bake to enjoy with an espresso.”

My memory ‘taste-bank’ instantly recalled family holidays as a child to Italy and reminded me of the texture of this cake, specifically. It was a pretty blurred recall but enough to hook me in.

My parents were only too happy to spoil us on holiday, after all it was the 2-week annual highlight for my sister and when we were kids. On one trip to Ibiza, we ate chicken and chips every night in the hotel restaurant as we loved it so much! So the occasional cake for breakfast was no big deal!

The other reason for this recipe being ripped from the pages, of Gourmet Traveller I think, was that it was a simple method. there was no creaming or slowly adding anything required. Get a big bowl from your kitchen cupboard measure the dry ingredients straight into the bowl and then add the wet components. All ingredients you probably have in your kitchen supplies right now.

To top it off, it takes only 35 minutes to bake.

I made it and on my first bite, the clear taste-memories came flooding back! I will be baking this simple beauty again.

Breakfast Cake