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Luscious BBQ Roasted Potato Salad

Serendipitous events allowed the creation of this AMAZING potato salad!

Firstly, I was invited to host a cooking class last Saturday at Phoenix Shopping Centre where 30 attendees got to make three delicious spice rubs for Father’s Day gifts. It was so much fun… but that’s another story. One of the rubs was a Texan style BBQ spice mix and to accompany this recipe (that I recommended went well with flame grilled pork belly), was a simple homemade BBQ Sauce.

Secondly, I had planned to cook a couple of flavourful Melaleuka Farm rump steaks for the cameraman and I for dinner last night and needed something yum but simple to make to accompany them.

And thirdly, I had recently come across a BBQ potato salad recipe on my New York Times food membership website.

Can you see how it’s going to come together beautifully?!

Well, what a dinner! The recipe is on this page a little further on, but please before you print or save it, read these tips. I want to tell you what you can do to make this salad super-speccy.

  • Prepare red onion up to 24 hours before using. This tip removes much harsh raw onion flavour – the longer its soaked, the milder it is. Place chopped onion in sieve and rinse with cold tap water. Drain and place onion in bowl (stainless steel if you have one). Immerse onion in cold water and place place in fridge. Rinse again before using.
  • Use a variety of potatoes that are good roasters (floury texture, low in moisture, fluff and crisp beautifully and will remain crisp once removed from oven). Royal Blue is my fave and is readily available in supermarkets and through our Produce Box (buy through us and you’re assured the spuds were grown in WA’s south west).
  • Par-boil and fluff potatoes before salting and roasting in a hot oven until super-crispy and golden. You’ll find a LEARN video on MoT’s Collective membership website with all our tips on getting roast potatoes right every time… we’re here to help!
  • Use a fresh Australian olive oil such as Cobram Estate.
  • Season the dish well with salt (love Murray River Salt flakes from Victoria) and a little ground or cracked black pepper.
  • Make sure the tomatoes you use have flavour and of course by Western Australian grown ones!
  • Make your own 1-Minute Mayo or purchase a quality egg mayonnaise (try S&W from all major supermarkets).
  • Of course, make your own BBQ sauce! Only takes 5 minutes to put together and 5 to 8 minutes simmering time on the stove. Recipe for Deep South, BBQ Pork Belly, including BBQ sauce on The Collective too. Otherwise use your fave commercial brand.
  • Complete this warm salad close to serving, once potatoes and tomatoes have cooled down for 5 minutes. Too hot and you run the risk of splitting the mayonnaise based dressing.
  • Not fond of dill? Then use fresh flat leaf parsley or coriander… or combine all three and take it to an even higher level!

BBQ Roasted Potato Salad