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Why Mac ‘n’ Cheese is so loved by everyone.

What is that meal that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling? Evokes nostalgic recollections?

May 29, 2017

Why Mac ‘n’ Cheese is so loved by everyone.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese is inclusive. A hug-in-a-bowl that has many serious fans. Food for everyone, pasta, cheese, flour and milk.

It’s a home-cooked meal which now is included on menus in restaurants around the world in various guises, dished out from street food vans that boast long queues and even has its own festival.

It’s a bench mark for chefs. As a simple dish, but if not executed correctly can become a gluggy carb-coma mistake. The science behind it makes the creativity and skill of the chef essential to be able to serve up an astonishingly good one.

I discovered Macaroni Cheese in the 70’s as a kid visiting my cousins in Canada. It was nothing like the recipe I share with you in this blog.

The packaged food industry brought us a dried, dyed and synthesized version. Easy to cook, tasting salty and creamy I was hooked!

I’m afraid to say the orange sauced version stayed in my life until my children were out of nappies. Being soft and squidgy in texture and cooked in under 10 minutes, as a busy mum I serve up and ate far too much of it. Thank goodness I now know to leave it well alone for the health of my loved ones!

My grown children do now love the more ‘mature’ version of Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Maybe they’ll have fond memories and pass on this recipe to their children? Click on the image to go to the recipe. Enjoy.

Here are a few must-know ‘Macaroni Facts’.

  • “Dandy’s”, trendy 18th Century gentlemen were called Macaronis as their wigs resembled the shape of the pasta.
  • Caribbean macaroni cheese is a classic… for Jamaican families. It’s ‘sauce is eggs and cheese so is very thick, it sets in the oven like a block.
  • Glasgow holds an annual “Pastavale”. Five establishments present chefs who cook their best version of Macaroni Cheese. Two hundred and fifty of the city’s general public taste and vote to decide on the winner.

Lasagne is a hug-in-a-bowl dish for me (although I do serve it on plates). When I was growing up, it was a Sunday evening staple, eaten with family around the fire in our cosy lounge.

What is that meal that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling? Brings back nostalgic thoughts? And perhaps memories of your mum or grandmothers cooking? Love to hear your comments below.

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