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Meat-Eaters, Boost Cooking Skills
with Vegetarian Know-How

Your world changes when meat is removed from your daily diet.

April 25, 2017

Meat-Eaters, Boost Cooking Skills
with Vegetarian Know-How

The world changes when meat is removed from your diet.

Whether you decide to follow a vegetarian diet for health, religious or moral reasons, being mindful about your food choices being educated and balanced must certainly become a constant priority.

Roasted Vegetables

A positive for all, meat-eater or non-meat eater, is that today we are far more aware of and can access a broader variety of food to put on our tables. This has to be a good thing.

But how many of us take advantage of and embrace this abundance?

Learning how to cook ‘vegetarian’ means, for meat eaters that animal protein may cease to be the main reason for your choice of meals. Matt Wilkinson in his very good book ‘Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables’ says “I build my dish around what vegetables are in season because this is when they will be the cheapest, most readily available and most importantly, taste the best’. He then adds his protein choice. Non-meat components when chosen and cooked thoughtfully can, without a doubt offer as much pleasure, texture and flavour as the meat fish or poultry in a dish.

We all are aware, a diet of soft drinks, take-away pizza and desserts is technically ‘vegetarian.’ But as for your health, this sort of vegetarian diet is a killer. Vegetables, pulses along with ancient grains and seeds offer a bewildering and enjoyable array of options.

When eating out, I’m often drawn to the menu items displaying a ‘V’ as they seem sort-of more inventive. I love learning as I eat. So to choose a dish which has unknown ingredients or a method of cooking I’m new to, makes eating more exciting. I can then share what I’ve learned with participants in class.

As I was searching for some good recipes to share for this post,  I discovered a new cooking method for me – ‘agebitashi’. It’s a Japanese description for food that is firstly fried and then served in broth. Interesting. Not sure it will feature in a class anytime soon, but something I now know about!

Our vegetarian class options are not only for people who have chosen to eat meat-free. The learning is just as important for meat-eaters and I can assure you they’ll open your eyes to an expanded world of deliciousness.

Take a look and if you like, join us we can inspire you to add some variety to your meals, improve health (there is always room for improvement) and energize interest in your daily cooking.

Heavenly Vegetarian | The Natural Cook | Mindful Eating| Italian Obsession Pasta, Pizza and Gnocchi

Gado Gado

For further inspiration, take a look at The Guardian newspapers 20 Best Vegetarian Recipes . Some great chefs/cooks in this selection including the immensely brilliant Yottam Ottolenghi, Skye Gingell and Nigel Slater. Kimchi Fried Rice and Carrot Romesco with Polenta caught my eye. Gonna give them a try. Enjoy.

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