About You and Us!

Because, we have a lot in common

Before we talk about ourselves, we want to spend a little time chatting about you. Because, over the years we’ve found that, like us, you’re the kind of people who gather around food, make memories in the kitchen, and cook for the joy of creating something special. Of course it doesn’t always go that way – we’ve got our own collection of kitchen mishaps too – but this kind of love affair is unconditional.  

Conscious about produce

The people of Perth who shop with us want to make sure that they’re helping the environment, while nourishing themselves and their families. When we get the chance to chat (usually while dropping off your weekly produce box, we can feel your forever support and gratitude for the WA locals who grow the food that sustains us.

Food without boundaries

For those of you who have joined us on a food tour, we get to know you very well. And you seriously love your food. Not just the eating part, but the whole story. From the people who grow it, to the planet they’re passionate about preserving. So, where there’s an opportunity to have a food adventure without barriers (and with people who care about food like you do) you take it.

Meet the team

So, now a bit about us. We’re the team (or the family) behind Matters of Taste. And, when you’ve been working with food for as long as we have, something you realise is that there’s always a deeper love of food to discover. For us, taste matters but our impact matters too. This is where the growers come into it. We’re constantly in awe of local farmers and the WA land they work with. That’s why part of our work is to tell their stories  and show you the regenerative work they’re doing to sustain our planet

At Matters of Taste our mission is to make the world a little smaller by connecting you to the growers and culinary inspiration you need to infuse your meals with love and create, food worth falling for.

Tracey Cotterell

Tracey’s love of food has been part of her life’s story for as long as she can remember. Beginning in the kitchen of her parents’ West Sussex country inn, Tracey went on to run catering teams, curate menus, and work at Lamont’s in Perth’s CBD. Then in 1997 came Matters of Taste in its original form – a cooking school. This work saw Tracey teach over 80,000 people with her famously magnetic teaching style; working first to delight, then to instruct. Now, with an online cooking community, weekly produce boxes, and food tours; Tracey still lives, works, and cooks by her original food philosophy.

“Food is worth falling for. It connects us, nourishes us, and gifts us with some of life’s best memories! So, when we say that our mission is to make the world a little smaller, that begins around your table.”

Tracey in action
Watch Tracey in action

Anthony Cotterell

While Tracey’s passion is for the love of food and cooking, Anthony brings a deep appreciation for the land. Growing up in the rural south west of WA, Anthony believes in the power of farmers and regenerative growing practices. But there’s a duality to Anthony. Next to his love of the land, he also has a background in sales and business operations. At Matters of Taste, Anthony is the in-house camera man, editor, and production manager. Any film you see over at the Collective has been shot, produced, and edited by Anthony. He’s also the team’s operation’s manager and delivers your produce boxes every week.

“I believe in the power of small groups to bring about meaningful change. When we work locally, it’s to minimise our footprint and provide quality produce to our neighbours.”

Hayley Cotterell

Having grown up in the kitchen with her mum, Tracey, Hayley developed a strong relationship with food at a young age. She continually saw the power that cooking together and sharing meals had; it could connect people and communities in so many significant ways. Then, with a keen interest in science, Hayley worked to combine her two passions and become a qualified Nutritionist. Now, while studying her Masters of Dietetics, Hayley dedicates her time to infusing the Matters of Taste mission with a deeper nutritional understanding. She loves helping others and has already begun to impart her no-nonsense approach to nutrition through monthly articles, resources, and videos. Read Hayley’s articles.

“Matters of Taste has always had a strong focus on nutrition – the seasonal produce and regenerative farming practices almost speak for themselves – but I see that as just the beginning!”