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NEW Mt Pleasant Premises

Keep up to date with our move to brand new premises on Ogilvie Road Mt Pleasant

In our 20th year of business, Matters of Taste Cooking School is moving to its’ very own premises.

With the new cooking school being located in the Canning Bridge Precinct on Ogilvie Road, Mt Pleasant we ‘ll only be 8 minutes from the CBD. Enjoy easy access to us north or south of the city via the freeway, buses and trains. You could even come by boat!

This page will be constantly evolving over the next few weeks to keep you up to date with progress on transforming our new location into an outstanding educational venue. You’ll be able to check it out at any time for up to date news regarding this exciting project.

With support from businesses such as Winning Appliances and Cosentino you’ll experience cooking education in the best way possible. Using sleek quality domestic appliances in warm and inviting surroundings, being guided by our qualified team who not only know how to cook, but how to teach, you’ll feel as if you’re at home around your own kitchen bench, cooking with friends.

New location address is G03/19 Ogilvie Road , Mt Pleasant, WA 6153.

Map of cooking school location

Want to be involved?

Select from the items below to assist with the cooking school fitout. If you wish, your name will be included below as a supporter of this project. Thank you so much. Email or call us on 9319 1097 to organise.


You’ll receive digital limited edition copies of the ten most loved and mouthwatering recipes from our classes.


Your name engraved on a funky piece of commissioned cutlery, affixed to a beautiful dining chair. Sit in your very own seat whenever you are at classes. Your chair will be one of 22 surrounding locally made bespoke oak dining tables.


Local Perth artist Lisa Dymond has designed a ‘tasteful’ wall sculpture for our teaching kitchen. She has turned cooking terms and ingredients into an intriguing creation. You’ll have fun finding your name in the finished piece!

Thanks to all our supporters

Elaine Bradley

Anne and Brad Abbott

Maureen Gardner

Melinda Burmas

Cathy Newham

Gwendy Beach

Michael Cane

Joanna Evans

Julia Macpherson

Csallie Drake-Brockman

Carmela Dilazzaro

Rachel Griffiths

Miranda Hegh

Rosemary Bailey

Trevor Butler

Garth Ingram

Judy Thompson

Pamela and Tom George

Jan Auld

Del Mavath

Sheila Sim

Jennie Pell

Marion Foley

Geoffrey Liu

Tracey Wyatt

Amanda and Laurence King

Jo Farina

Faye Scorer

Cherise Lauder

Ron and Elsa Haydon

Elizabeth Smith

Linda Ikin

Suzie Grice

Kellie Dobbie

Nadia Donatelli

Sean Tudor

Natalie Cream

Kirsten Tannenbaum

Amanda Bryce

Natasha Clutterbuck

Beverley Glazier

Geraldine D

Linda McCormack

Mary Ann Wright

Carole Crommelin

Kris Behets

Susan Re

Nicholaus Kohr

…and thank you to all anonymous backers too.

Our major sponsor powering our kitchen…

Winning Appliances




Progress of fit-out….

Early April 2017

An empty room with an identity crisis. Thinking it’s going to be an office, this space needs much work to become a culinary education venue!

Empty room

3rd April 2017

Carpet goes. Well, the majority of it.

Carpet goes

9th April 2017

Great news! The final building permit is through from the City of Melville. Let’s push the ‘launch’ button!

10th April 2017

Plumbers in, coring waste and water holes and fixing pipes. Lighting position altered to accommodate future partition walls.

Plumbers pipes

Big job of partition frames, walls then finishing completed.

Wall frames

Gyprock walls

Easter Weekend 2017

Team Cotterell get in with brushes and rollers to paint walls.

Scullery and Kitchen Flooring laid.

All going well until the second roll was opened. Ooops! Varying shades from two different batches.


First stage kitchen cabinets in. Looking schmiko. Oh look there’s the cameraman!


Friday 28th April

Ovens and fridges in. More wiring and plumbing done.


Wednesday 10th May

Flooring now complete – 3rd time lucky with matching the rolls. Beautiful Ogilvie sinks plumbed in. Scullery benches and commercial dishwasher mostly installed. Air conditioning re-routed. Bulkheads just need a bit of an extension. All Asko appliances looking schmiko and working! Ceiling adjustments just about complete. Last few wiring jobs being done. Lots happening tomorrow and Friday.

We are finally here and loving it! Come and join us soon for delicious and inspiring cooking classes.

Mt Pleasant Kitchen

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Tracey Cotterell
Tracey Cotterell


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