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Mum’s The Word!

A quick call to Mum and my Yorkshires were magnificent.

April 17, 2016

Mum’s The Word!

My mum has always been the Queen of Yorkshire Puddings and try as I might mine were never as large as hers.

I had a severe case of Yorkshire Pudding envy.

After a number of years of not cooking them (sulking) I was roasting a beautiful piece of sirloin one evening and the urge to eat it with Yorkshires on the side, brimming with deep brown luscious gravy was too much for me.

I rang mum in England and asked her the secret. “Oh darling” she said “I just add an extra egg!”

Mum’s are good like that, they never keep the best for themselves and are always  generous in passing on the good stuff to their children. But sometimes the children have to remember to swallow their pride and ask the question!

Toad in the hole is a favourite in my household now. As the batter proudly plumps up around the sausages the kids squeal with delight and the conversation always ensues of how did a sausage become a toad? Lovely pieces of beef call out to me from butchers display cabinets “please, please cook me with your Yorkshires” and our home is generally happier, all because of a question and an extra egg.

So I am sharing this with you in the desire to eradicate flat, lifeless Yorkshire Puddings from dinner tables around Western Australia and any envy that might still be lurking out there.


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