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Pasture Raised Chicken

Young farming couple Kayler and Brettney are third generation growers, in a well-known family who have an impressive and varied history in agriculture, to work the rich land in Manjimup. The future is looking bright for the extended East families! They focus on sustainable and regenerative practices that keep the soil alive to grow naturally healthy and tasty produce on their properties in the district. Who wouldn’t want to support farmers who care so much about the land they live on!

Kayler and Brettney (pasture raised chicken)Consumers are becoming more aware of how animals are being farmed these days and are choosing their products carefully. We’ve all seen horrible vision of chickens being raised in large numbers, never seeing the light of day in their short lives.

Manjimup pasture raised chickens are on pasture 24/7 with mobile ‘tractors’ for shelter from inclement weather and space to ‘roost’. They have free-range to live in a way that’s consistent with nature, allowing them to carry out their everyday instinctive rituals.

Kayler explains “Our farming mission is simple: healthy soil, healthy pasture, and healthy chickens.

pasture raised chickensOn our farm we believe healthy soil is the foundation for creating healthy food. For this reason, we start from the ground up: we use multi species pastures that promote more soil life and provide diverse nutrient dense pastures for our chickens.

From three weeks old our chicks are free to eat the pasture, forage for bugs, have fresh air, take dust baths and soak up the sunlight at their leisure. It is great fun to watch our chickens scratch for bugs and get so excited when they catch a worm!

We rotate our chickens daily to fresh pasture giving them a new salad bar of greens and fresh bedding, the chickens give back by naturally fertilising our pasture as their manure breaks down.

In addition to the pasture our chickens are fed with a non-medicated feed that has no added hormones or antibiotics to ensure they have an all rounded source of nutrients.”

We know these two are 100% committed to providing consumers with very healthy and top quality chicken products. Their attitude and outlook have impressed us. We’re so proud to be the first to offer their chickens to our customers who like to buy local, eat well, support animal welfare as well as the environment.

Anthony and I are thrilled to be able to include Manjimup Pasture Raised Chicken in our Seasonal Produce Box so you can experience how real chicken should taste!!