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Perth’s Best Cannoli

Recently, Luke from Divine Cannoli, kindly dropped some of his divine cannoli to our packing shed to try. I agree with the general consensus of opinion online that this IS Perth’s BEST cannoli!

Cannoli originated in Sicily, the Mediterranean island at the end of Italy’s ‘boot’. There are many stories about how this popular dessert came about, but I’m more interested in discussing how it’s made and quite honestly, eating it!

Divine Cannoli TowerIt’s not the kind of sweet treat you can just ‘whip-up’ in a few minutes, cannoli need time, dedication and skill. The crisp tube is made from a sweet dough that typically includes wine or marsala. Once the ingredients are mixed together, it’s kneaded to encourage the gluten to form, this enables the maker to roll it out and punch out circles with a round pastry cutter. The discs of dough are then wrapped around metal tubes so when deep fried – yes deep fried; how do you think it gets so delectably crunchy?! – the dough bubbles, and cooks to create a hollow golden cylinder that is just perfect to hold a decadent filling. Milky-fresh ricotta whipped with just the right amount of icing sugar is the classic, but as is today’s creative world, we have access to many flavours.

Luke D’Ambrogio’s chosen career was very corporate. In July 2020 working as a copywriter for a Perth advertising agency, Luke made the decision to turn creativity from his writing to something more tactile by stepping into the kitchen.

LukeThroughout his childhood, his Nonna Emma made cannoli treats for her grandson. In his twenties, Luke realised  her recipe was really quite special and in fact were the best cannoli he’d ever tasted.

His audacious plan seems to be working. Luke’s Cannoli was featured in Urban List’s nine places to get the ‘Best Cannoli in Perth’, and it was voted the BEST in Perth by Perth Foodie. The flaky shells are the perfect cross between crisp and crunchy, the fillings are just right, not overly sweet and there’s a lovely range of flavours to choose from.

One of Luke’s stunning Cannoli Towers makes a fabulous centrepiece for a birthday, christening or order for a party conversation-starter dessert. And one of our favourites in this house is the more-ish Cannoli Chip and Classic Sweet Ricotta Dip. It’s a must try!

We’ll be featuring various flavours within our WA Fresh Produce Box from time to time, starting this week (5th June 2022). Luke will be filling cannoli for our customers on the day they receive their box of goodies, so they’ll be perfect to devour with a loved one or friends. Plus you can order a Chip and Dip for ‘later’.

Divine Cannoli don’t have a shop front, they do sell to a few select retailers and order with Luke via his website – Divine Cannoli and you can follow his divine adventure on Instagram.