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Primal Behaviour Encourages Team Collaboration

Sharing meals with work colleagues strengthens relationships…

September 2, 2016

Primal Behaviour Encourages Team Collaboration


Eating is a primal behaviour, we all do it two or three times a day (or more!). However, when it comes to the workplace, studies suggest that eating may play a role beyond simply satisfying our appetites.

Research published in Harvard Business Review last year reports a significant correlation between eating together and team performance, stating “Everyone, understandably wants to build higher-performing, more cohesive teams…there has to be a better way than ropes courses, trust falls and game playing….and now it seems there is. Encourage teams to eat together.”


They discovered that many participants find traditional team building activities to be of little or no value. But, this deceptively simple method seems to keep teams operating efficiently. For one group of firefighters studied, eating together made them feel more like a family. Throughout the research, a number of significant positive correlations were identified. One of which, cooperative behaviour, was twice as high among team members who ate with one another than among those who didn’t.

So, what better way to wrap up the year than a cooking class with your colleagues? After all, food (and eating) has long been associated with Christmas. It’s the perfect alternative to your typical office Christmas party. And, evidently, offers a great opportunity to become stronger as a team!

Here in our kitchen, we know teams experience a relaxed and inclusive environment, truly encouraging people to open up. Cooking, then eating together means everyone is on a level playing field. Whatever culinary expertise clients arrive with, there is always something for everyone to contribute to and learn from.

We have already had a flurry of phone calls and emails recently from super-organised businesses (who already know how well these sessions are enjoyed by their workforce). People are wanting to get their Christmas events booked with us. Clever strategy. At this time of year they will have the luxury of being able to pick and choose their preferred date.


This Christmas we’re decking our kitchen with bells, holly, sparkly lights and Christmas baubles. Music playing. Fresh, quality food, ingredients weighed, measured and ready. Washing up done. Teachers jolly, helpful and full of Christmas cheer.  Sound like something your team might enjoy?

We offer exciting corporate group cooking classes, with your choice of two unique class styles – see what suits you best, and take your pick! All you’ll need to provide is the drinks and the people and we’ll get the rest of the party started.
So if you are the mover and groover at your workplace, give us a call on 93187 1097 or email to enquire. Otherwise, forward this on to the decision maker. Fingers crossed and you end up at Matters of Taste, your Christmas work ‘do’ will be a deliciously memorable one.

The festive season will be on us before we can say ”Holy baby-Jesus-in-the-manger, it’s December already!”

Read the full Harvard Business Review article here.

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