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Beef - Jersey Jerky 100gm

Beef - Jersey Jerky 100gm

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Lake Janis Farm - Beef Jersey Jerky EXCLUSIVE to MOT

Premium 100% grass fed Jersey beef grown in Pemberton and freshly made into Jerky for us by Leeson at Bassendean Gourmet Meats.

Using prime girello and simply seasoned with salt and pepper (sugar-free) this is a delicious snack to enjoy with a glass of red or a beer, included in lunch boxes for a protein hit or even add to cooked dishes for a deep savoury flavour.

Try adding pieces of chopped Jerky to the following dishes (the heat will soften the meat giving a wonderful beefy flavour)


Fried Rice

Baked Beans

Soups - minestrone, tomato, cauliflower etc etc

As a baked potato topping with cheese or sour cream and chives

In beef stews to pump up the flavour


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