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Christmas Cheese Board Condiment Selection 6-pack

Christmas Cheese Board Condiment Selection 6-pack

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The ultimate collection of cheese jelly and chutneys from the wonderful Regimental Condiment Company in Victoria. A great gift for the cheese-loving person in your life (these condiments a delish with cold meats too).

Chutneys and cheese, jellies and cheese. It’s your choice. Here’s six of the finest in the Officers’ Mess Cheese Board Selection that will be sure to please any palate. 

- Apple & Port Jelly 110g
- Pear & Muscat Jelly 110g
- Orange & Thyme Jelly 110g
- Indian Light Infantry Fruit Chutney 110g
- The Kings Gunners Tomato & Red Pepper Relish 110g
- West Bengal Rifles Mango Chutney 110g

Mess Dinners can be very formal affairs. But there is also time for some spirited camaraderie and repartee. Particularly when the cheese and port come out.

Violations of etiquette of the dining-in are generally ‘punished’ with fines collected in the Regimental Funds Box. Traditionally, all fines collected throughout the Dinner are split amongst the stewards that served the attendees as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

The fines can also be used to pay for the drinks consumed.


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