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Dip - Viking Herbs 6gm

Dip - Viking Herbs 6gm

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Dill, parsley and chives are combined to create Mette's new Viking Herbs Nordic Dip Mix that’s simply bursting with fresh flavour. This makes a perfect Nordic potato salad dressing too! See below for instructions. Make sure you add salt to taste to this mix.

THE EASIEST DIPS TO MAKE! Keep these packets in your pantry and make up as little or as much as you like! Takes less than 1 minute to make.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply stir the dip mix into Brownes The Greek yoghurt (that's our fave base to use), cream cheese or sour cream. I've found that using a quarter of the mix amount suggested on the packet, gives a great result... a little goes a long way. 1pkt makes up to 1L

If the dip seems a bit sharp or flat in flavour, then add a pinch or two of salt to balance out the flavours.

Mix any leftover dip with an equal volume of egg mayonnaise, thin with a little warm water and use drizzled over a salad as a dressing. 

Inspired by Mette's Nordic roots and steeped in Nordic tradition, Mette has carefully chosen the finest quality ingredients to create an all-natural spice mix.

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