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Gelato - Pistachio 500ml

Gelato - Pistachio 500ml

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Gelato will remain frozen for a couple of hours in our well insulated packaging, but we do strongly recommend that someone is home to accept the order on delivery.

Freshly made Pistachio Gelato 

Made by Joe Scognamiglio at Cono Gelato in Perth


From his first eye-opening, heart-expanding taste as a young boy, Joe knew there was a unique joy that only gelato can bring. He began working at a gelato shop, serving customers late into the night. He worked his way up, taking the reins managing a team of four to make delicious, authentic gelato.

Led by a restless spirit and desire to chase the sun, Joe found himself on the luminous shores of WA. For many years he poured his passion and precision into an established and well-loved local business, until the time came to embark on his own adventure – Cono Gelato. The rest, as they say is history.

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