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Ready made - Greek Souffra Filo Custard Tart 18cm

Ready made - Greek Souffra Filo Custard Tart 18cm

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This divine popular Greek custard dessert is made with concentric layers of ruffled filo, baked and then filled with custard, delicately flavoured with fragrant rosewater. Then baked again, until the custard is just cooked. The Greeks are masters of custard desserts!

Expertly made in L's Kitchen O'Connor by Elouise (the same lady who makes the Spanakopita).Serves 4 to 6 people.

Perfect easy dessert to use when entertaining.

This tart is supplied frozen and miraculously and conveniently re-heats in the microwave like magic. Otherwise heat in the oven or simply eat cold from the fridge.

Heating instructions on packet.

Ingredients: Filo pastry, eggs, milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, food grade rose petals

Allergies: Contains gluten and egg


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