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Meal Planner with Magnetic Pen

Meal Planner with Magnetic Pen

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This smart monochrome Matters of Taste 'Meal Planner' looks great in any kitchen.

With a handy magnetic pen (included) sitting alongside the planner it will be right at home on your fridge - and so useful!  

There's plenty of room to write the dish you choose for each day plus a handy NOTES section for any shopping needed.

TIP store the pen on the fridge vertically, tip facing downwards for maximum life.

"For ages, I have been using a super-useful, generic fridge magnet 'weekly meal planner' and it's been great to be organised with the help of this visual reminder. For just half an hour over the weekend, I plan what we'll be eating for the week. Once I've placed my order on the Providore, then I don't need to think or worry about it again.

I have created an exclusive Matters of Taste edition for your kitchen, and it is now available for purchase! These would make a great stocking filler or Kris Kringle gift so keep a couple on hand as well as using one yourself." Tracey.

 Made in WA

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