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Pork - FRESH Family Pack Pork 7.5kg

Pork - FRESH Family Pack Pork 7.5kg

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This family box of FRESH prime, flavoursome, ethically raised W.A. pork consists of the following:

1.5kg (6) Mid-loin Chops
1.5kg (6) Frenched Cutlets
1kg (8) Belly Strips 
1 x 1.4kg pork roast (scored skin ready for crackling)
1kg premium mince
1kg thin pork sausages

Kusha Hill is a family owned piggery in Dalwallinu, Western Australia, bringing you the finest quality pork – without traditional intensive and inhumane methods. The pigs live under blue-skies, with fresh straw and clean country air.

During over 12 months of researching pork growers and talking to butchers, Kusha Hill's name has come up time and time again for being consistently good meat, raised with care, and as WA as it gets! 

"The big, lumbering sows on Kusha Hill farm just south of Dallwallinu are grunting and snorting companionably in their pens; natural sunlight and breeze flowing freely through generously-sized eco sheds. As they roll and forage in the straw, they are blissfully unaware that they are amongst the highest welfare pigs in the country." Excerpt from Northern Valley Weekly News article written in 2021.

From their website came this... "Pigs are loaded onto our purpose built truck and driven early morning to our small family run abattoir. No stress is caused at any time because like most of us they aren’t morning people and like to sleep all the way". I like that thought.

Read more about the Compassion Farming techniques applied at Kusha Hill. Very impressive and practical.100% good for the pigs.

📷 Northern Valley Weekly News - Eddie Sprigg with his young daughter.

Eddie farms his property with hands-on help from brother Tom, and support from wife Dorothy.

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