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Miso white 500gm

Miso white 500gm

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For the Japanese Miso is a must-have staple used ubiquitously during cooking. It's made by mixing soy and grain that's been fermented with a specific mould called koji, salting it and allowing it to ferment for months and sometimes years. During this time many things happen in the mixture but the best thing is that we sense the creation as being delicious.

Salty, nutty, rich and savoury, miso has become familiar to us through Japanese dishes such as miso soup. It is packed with all the essential amino acids we need to build our muscles and it is easy to digest and great for our microbiome in our second brain - our gut.

White miso can be used with white meats and fish such as salmon. Use as a flavouring for most savoury dishes (not only Japanese cuisines) if they taste a bit ‘flat’. Use sparingly and taste as you go.

Keep refrigerated.

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