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Pastry - Fillo fresh 375gm

Pastry - Fillo fresh 375gm

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Using filo pastry is the easiest way to make a mid-week, quick family pie. Simply place your prepared pie filling in a pie dish, brush pastry with a little melted butter and scrunch into loose balls covering surface. 

Did you know Antoniou Fillo is Australian made, and has been for over 60 years?

This Greek pastry keeps for weeks in the fridge. Once used what is needed, just roll up and wrap the remainder back in the plastic sleeve, seal and keep refrigerated in the cardboard box.

Pictured is my Mediterranean Chicken Fillo Pie, it's a fave to make with fillo. Possibly a pie to cook on a weekend - find the recipe and lots of tips on this blog article. And of course Spanakopita, the spinach and ricotta pie is another popular fillo classic.

Otherwise, if you want the easy scrunchy ball idea, Antoniou Fillo have a video and instructions here.  Just ensure the filling is cooked and still hot as the directions say to bake for just 8-10 minutes!

There's also recipes for Pork, Leek and Spinach Filo Scroll Pie as well as Chicken Filo Pies on the Cooks Collective. Become a member for access to all my recipes!

If you have a spare 6 minutes, watch the lovely video about the factory, the couple who started it all and the family business it's become.

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