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Juice - CBK Maximise

Juice - CBK Maximise

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The power of this tonic is that it boosts cell enzymes.  These enzymes accelerate chemical reactions in the body that ultimately support life.  Building muscle, destroying toxins, and breaking down food particles during digestion. 

Broccoli is a super source of chromium which helps regulate insulin and blood sugar.  It's also an excellent detoxifier thanks to sulphur, vitamin C, and other amino acids.  Boosts immunity with selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and copper.  Free radicals can damage your body but with these powerful antioxidants you can purify and cleanse.  One 500ml bottle contains as much as one whole head of broccoli.  Broccoli never tasted so good. 

The base load of this juice is cucumber and these deliver high levels of nutrients and many important minerals.  A great hydrator and delivers important electrolytes.  The superfood power of kale ensures this juice is packed full of nutrients and ensures its beautiful green colour promoting the value of green chlorophyll. 

Colour - green, Taste - mixed vegetable, Grown - locally, Zero waste.

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