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Pasta - Sauces for Pasta

Pasta - Sauces for Pasta

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Head chef Fabio and his team from La Delizia Lab cooks fresh sauces for us mid-week so you can enjoy them with fresh or dried pasta or gnocchi.

Packed in professional sous-vide bags, the sauces all have 5 days refrigerated shelf life or can be frozen for up to 2 months. Simply heat in bags in simmering water for a few minutes, or open and tip contents into a saucepan.

Choose from three sauces:

Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico. Classic tomato and basil sauce 500gm GF, DF, Vegan

Italian tomatoes | Fresh local basil | White onion | Garlic |EVOO

Ragù alla Bolognese  Classic beef ragu sauce 500gm GF

Ingredients: Premium lean mince beef | Tomatoes | Celery | Carrots  | Onions | Garlic | Red wine | Herbs | Butter | EVOO

Salsa ai 4 Formaggi 4 cheeses sauce 500gm GF Vegetarian

Ingredients: Shallot | Garlic | Gorgonzola cheese | Grana padano cheese | Stracciatella | Pecorino romano | Butter | Cream | Black peppercorn                


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