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Veg - Spaghetti squash - medium

Veg - Spaghetti squash - medium

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Fabulous fresh spaghetti squash from Morning Glory Farm in Manjimup.

The flesh of this squash variety is similar looking to spaghetti or noodles. The flavour and texture is very different though. It has a sweet, nutty, pumpkin type taste profile, so goes well with salty accompaniments (e.g. bacon).

Read Tracey's Blog Article on Spaghetti Squash for more information.


Cut squash in half lengthways with a sharp knife. If squash is impenetrable, pierce skin 8-10 times with tip of knife and microwave on high for 5 minutes to slightly soften skin.

Scoop out seeds from centre of each half and discard. Rub olive oil over flesh and season with salt. Place squash, cut side down on non-stick paper lined baking tray. Pierce skin with tip of knife (allow steam to escape) and bake in pre-heated oven for 25 to 35 minutes (depending on size).

When softening and flesh is tender the squash is cooked. Gently tease out spaghetti 'noodles' with a fork. Season with a little more salt and serve.


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