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Umami Broth 250gm

Umami Broth 250gm

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Umami means “essence of deliciousness” and that’s a perfect description for this nourishing plant-based broth. A highly concentrated blend of vegetables, miso and assorted mushrooms including lion’s mane, turkey tail, shiitake and button varieties.

Like all Urban Forager products, this broth is pure and simple: Just vegetables, herbs and spices, with no nasty chemicals or additives and it tastes great! 

Use as an alternative to coffee, to sip between meals or supplement a juice cleanse,
to re-energise and restore.

Or as a base for Asian style broth noodle or dumpling soups. So delish and easy.

12 serves per jar, simply mix with hot water.

INGREDIENTS Made with medicinal mushrooms, kelp and miso. 
Certified organic. Gluten free. Sugar free. Palm oil free
Australian made and owned. 89% Australian ingredients
Plastic free. 

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