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I Quit Paleo and Still Eat Sugar

Balance and diversity of diet is the key for most of us.

May 13, 2016

I Quit Paleo and Still Eat Sugar

Why do ‘popular’ diets have us believing that eating (or not eating) certain foods will allow us to experience a healthy life and give us a supermodel bod…forever?

Don’t get me wrong, I realise some people are intolerant or have allergies to certain foods so it’s essential they avoid them. I then ask the question, why is this so prevalent in our society? When I was a kid the only reason we didn’t eat food was because we didn’t like the taste! But that’s another conversation.

For a short while, changing diet will trick the body. Weight will decrease. But metabolisms quickly adapt and best attempts become futile. Frustrating isn’t it.

For a long while I have thought that if we all have different exterior features like eye colour, face shape and length of legs for example, we must have different interiors too. If this is true, would this mean that the diet that works best for optimising us physically should also be unique to us?

Studies have shown globally that nations that eat so-called unhealthy food can live long healthy lives. Think Europeans who adore cheese, bread and olive oil. Or Mexicans who consume twice as much sugar as their American neighbours, can and do live to a ripe old age. Food needs to fuel our body. The old adage of one-size-fits-all needs to be tailor-made to serve each and every one of us.

I know two things for sure. Eating a diet of refined food which doesn’t contain the nutrients we need for our wellbeing does us no favours. And altering our diet dramatically until the desired weight has been shed only leads to tears when ‘normal’ eating is resumed.

Diversity is an essential key. Eating a broad range of fresh food keeps metabolism alert. Cooking fresh food from scratch is a fantastically rewarding past time. Make it a priority. You’re worth it aren’t you? With a little know-how and planning it becomes a relaxing end to the day. Pour a glass of wine, chop and sizzle as your home fills with enticing aromas.

Eat slowly. I know…mindfulness is tricky in this busy world we live in. Allow time for messages from your digestive system to reach your brain alerting you as to when you are full. Then stop eating.

How you achieve this is your responsibility. It is your body and therefore your decisions after all. ‘Food for thought’ as we say in the industry.

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