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In October 2020, our friend and fellow food-lover Julie Hosking donned her journalist hat and joined us for a spring agri-food tour to the beautiful Southern Forests region. It was fascinating seeing her work, recording words that she later crafted into stories about the time spent in this pristine agricultural area.

RAC Horizons April May 2021Months later in March 2021, Julies’ article is published for RAC members in their popular Horizons magazine. What a spread and thanks to Julie for all her work!

Anthony and I knew if we enjoyed discovering how rich this land was then other like-minded people would want to come along with us to see for themselves.

While the pandemic has not affected Western Australia to the extent of many other less fortunate countries around the world, it has meant that Australians are now discovering treasures in their own back yard. Brimming with nutritional fresh produce and genuine people, nearly 130 travellers have taken up the opportunity to jump aboard with us over the past couple of years, with many more eagerly awaiting their tour they’ve booked with us.

Read Consuming Passions Horizons magazine article that Julie wrote.

The October 2021 spring tour is now open for bookings and we are looking forward to sharing this gorgeous experience with many others over the coming years. After 24 years of running live cooking classes, the very final one was held at the end of December 2020. We now have more flexibility and time to be able to program in more tours.

We want to make the world seem a little smaller in a meaningful way by connecting consumers to their food and the local heroes who grow it.