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Chorizo Bocconcini Salad with Polenta Croutons

The flavours of summer together in one sensational salad.

November 28, 2016

Chorizo Bocconcini Salad with Polenta Croutons

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Chorizo Salad

ingredients to serve six

400gm roma tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil
salt flakes
cracked black pepper
175gm/1 cup yellow quick cook polenta
50gm unsalted butter
50gm grated parmesan
¼ cup finely chopped chives
600gm chorizo sausages
150gm baby spinach leaves
200gm baby bocconcini
250gm sugar snap peas


3Tbsp white verjuice or white balsamic
4Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 medium clove garlic
1tsp Dijon mustard


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180ºC.
  2. Cut each tomato into 6 wedges and toss with 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Place in single layer on non-stick paper lined baking tray. Roast for 30-40 minutes, until slightly shrunken.
  3. Meanwhile make polenta. Place 750ml water in saucepan and bring to the boil. Whisk in polenta and bring back to the boil with ¾ teaspoon salt flakes. Simmer over low heat (it will spit, so take care) stirring often for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from heat, add butter, chopped chives and parmesan and stir to combine. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.
  4. Run a wet hand around a 20cm square cake tin and pour in hot polenta. Place a sheet of non-stick paper on top and smooth out surface (polenta should be about 1.5cm deep). Cool completely in fridge.
  5. Make dressing by placing all ingredients in a screw top jar. Shake well until combined and thick. Set aside.
  6. Turn oven to 220ºC.
  7. Once polenta is set, tip out of pan and cut into 1½cm cubes. Gently toss in 1 to 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and place in a single layer on non-stick paper lined baking tray. Bake for 25 minutes, until golden and crisp.
  8. Cut chorizo into ½cm slices and place on baking tray, roast for 5 to 7 minutes, until coloured, smelling great and crispy around the edges. Or fry in a little olive oil for a couple of minutes each side. Drain on absorbent paper.
  9. Blanch stringed sugar snap peas in boiling salted water for 3 minutes. Drain and refresh under cold water to halt cooking process and retain colour and crunchiness.
  10. Place chorizo in large bowl with roasted tomatoes, sugar snap peas, baby spinach leaves, polenta ‘croutons’ and baby bocconcini. Toss with dressing and serve whilst still warm.

cooks notes

  • Verjuice is unripened unfermented grape juice. Maggie Beer and Cape Farm Shop make great verjuice. Use 2 Tbsp lemon juice as an alternative and ensure dressing is well seasoned with salt to balance out the sourness.
  • Use any of these Dijon mustard brands – Maille (available in supermarkets) Simon Johnson or Regimental Condiment Company (available at good food stores).
  • In place of polenta croutons, use little crisp roasted potatoes or torn sourdough bread croutons.
  • Use crumbled feta in place of bocconcini.
  • Replace spinach with rocket leaves.
  • Add fresh basil to salad for added flavour.

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