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Lavoche Crackers and Fruit Roll

Pimp up your cheeseboard with these impressive accompaniments.

December 15, 2017

Lavoche Crackers and Fruit Roll

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Lavoche and fruit roll

fruit and nut roll

ingredients for two x 12cm roll
40gm slivered almonds
35gm pine nuts
250gm mixed candied fruits
100gm Medjool dates
20gm crystallized ginger
½ tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp mixed spice
1Tbsp brandy
icing sugar to roll


ingredients for thirty to forty crackers
250g plain flour
1 tsp salt flakes
30g unsalted butter
150ml milk
2tsp poppy seeds
2tsp flaxseeds


  1. Make fruit and nut roll. Place small frying pan over medium high heat. When hot, heat almonds and pinenuts for a minute or so toast to a light gold. Set aside to cool, then roughly chop.
  2. Meanwhile, roughly chop candied fruits. Remove stones from dates. Chop crystallized ginger into 1cm pieces if large.
  3. Place fruits in food processor bowl and briefly whizz for 5 to 10 seconds to chop. Do not process to a paste.
  4. Add cooled toasted nuts, vanilla extract, mixed spice and brandy. Pulse 4 to 6 times to combine leaving nuts whole.
  5. Divide sticky mixture into two equal portions.
  6. Sprinkle work surface with icing sugar. Shape mix into 2x12cm cylinders, compacting well.
  7. Prepare 2 x double layered pieces of plastic wrap large enough to wrap each cylinder like a Christmas cracker. Twist ends to form neat log shape.
  8. Place in fridge to chill and firm for 24 hours for best results.
  9. Serve in thin slices on cheeseboard.
  10. Make lavoche crackers. Place flour, salt, sugar and cubed butter into large bowl. Rub butter in to form crumbs. Add milk and mix to dough.
  11. Scrape dough on bench and knead, only flouring bench if dough sticky, for about 5 minutes, until elastic and gluten has activated.
  12. Divide dough into 3 portions. Knead poppy seeds into one portion, flaxseeds into another and leave the third plain. Cover dough and rest for at least half an hour at room temperature.
  13. Preheat oven to 160ºC.
  14. Roll out dough using pasta machine or use rolling pin to roll dough into 2mm thick sheets. Keep dough floured and run each piece through pasta machine from thickest setting working your way down to the thinnest number setting.
  15. Cut rolled out lengths of dough into 3cm squares, or whatever shape of your choice.
  16. Lay out pieces of lavosh dough on large lined baking trays. Whisk egg and brush each piece of dough, then sprinkle with desired toppings.
  17. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until crisp and lightly golden. Cool on wire rack.

cooks notes:

  • In class we used a combination of glacé figs, apricots and pears and candied ginger.
  • Both glacé and candied types of fruit are steeped in sugar syrup, glace is finished in sugar syrup and candied fruit in sugar. They are interchangeable as are the nuts.
  • Fresh Medjool dates are softer than dried dates. Purchase from fresh fruit sections of stores, fresh dates are preferable for this recipe.
  • Replace some fruit with dried figs if liked.
  • Roll will keep for up to 6 months refrigerated.
  • Lavoche will keep for 1 week in an air tight container.

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