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Redeem A Gift Voucher

Just over a year ago now, our world along with everyone else’s was rocked by the news of a global pandemic.

Since then, like many other small businesses we have had to change structure to continue with a viable version of what we love doing best – so, after 25 years of teaching over 80,000 people, our cooking school at Matters of Taste in Mt Pleasant, closed its doors to the general public on December 20th 2020.

A hard but necessary decision made with heavy hearts.

Sitting at my desk writing this, I think back over the past months and only in retrospect realise what a torrid time it was. Not out of the woods yet, our commercial building is still available for lease or sale. Anthony and I are running a very tight ship to keep up with financial obligations and are proud of our efforts.

The plans we were putting into place for a few years’ time had to be expedited and acted upon mid last year. Our business now has a cohesive and connected focus with Agri-Food Tours, Seasonal WA Produce Box offering as well as an exciting local and relatable online cooking website and community we named The Collective.

We realise there are customers who still have valid gift vouchers for Matters of Taste. As hard as we worked to contact everyone informing them of the closure of classes unfortunately a few people missed out on being notified or finding out via our announcements on social media.

If you have a voucher and are ready to redeem it, you’ll have access to all my teaching online. The Collective cooking community is specifically designed for Perth locals; content is permanently available on-demand with tasty cook-able recipes, tips and tricks videos and loads more features. New content is added every week.

We’ve filmed instructional video series of over 30 of our cooking classes from Spanish Tapas to The Good Loaf Sourdough bread baking series, Intoxicating Thai to Dim Sum Chinatown Dumplings.

There are also hundreds of my family recipes I cook at home; sweet and savoury baking recipes, sauces, soups, recipes for meat lovers as well as vegetarians, well known family-favourites, salads, BBQ cooking and dishes from around the world… the list goes on.

If you have a valid $130.00 voucher, we’ll honour it for a 2-year membership to this fascinating resource valued at, $192.00.  I’m assuming you have an interest in food and cooking otherwise you wouldn’t have been gifted the voucher!

All you need to do is click here and email me with your full name and Gift Voucher number (which starts with the letter ‘V’) and we’ll email you log in details.

I look forward to seeing you in your kitchen!