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The Relationship Between Happiness and Food

Amanda Bryce #thegutsypharmacist happily shares her go-to cookbooks with us!

January 27, 2017

The Relationship Between Happiness and Food

Because I’m always trying new things in the kitchen, its difficult for me to choose. But it’d be these ones right now that are my go-to cookbooks for recipe inspiration.

Fermented Pickled Eggs

I’m loving The Complete Gut Health Cookbook by Pete Evans and Helen Padarin. Helen’s an amazing naturopath who has teamed up with Pete (who’s written the recipes) to explain in very simple language what’s going on in your gut and how to begin to heal it.

I’ve bought six of these and given five away just for the Strawberry, Candied Pecans & Rocket Salad with Lime Dressing. It’s to die for!!!

I just made the Curried Pickled Eggs (pictured left) which I love too. Who knew you could ferment eggs?!

Luke Hines released his book Eat Clean last year and it’s worth getting just for the Popcorn Chicken recipe and his Sensational Sausage Rolls made with an almond meal pastry. He’s a bit partial to Indian food so I’ve loved his paleo-fied versions of these too.

Note from Tracey: Just reading Luke Hines’ website and  it sounds pretty idealistic. So I wanted to add in my 2 bobs worth and say, you may think this is all a bit pie-in-the-sky stuff, but this learning to improve your choices can be fun. It’s like an adventure. In adventures, not all is perfect, right? Same with changing your diet for the better. There is no-one out there who always gets it perfect, everyone has times where we want to give up or quit. But we are talking about YOU now. Make yourself the best you can, you are so worth it.

Luke Hines

I can guarantee the authors of these books aren’t perfect (though Luke looks as damn near close to it that I’ve seen!) Like all of them we need a bit of assistance in the form of supportive friends and knowledge to achieve what we want to. As soon as improvements are noticed and it doesn’t take long, it will give you the motivation to continue on. Thanks for reading 😉

Now back to Amanda….. My third book, would be Jo Whitton’s Quirky Cooking. Jo has been following GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) for a few years after her son developed severe OCD. She’s an amazing cook and extremely generous with her time considering she also home schools her four kids in far north Queensland.

Jo has really taught me how to make the most of my Thermomix. Before I found her, I thought I’d bought a very expensive, noisy food processor that’s impossible to clean.

Her Beef Stroganoff with cabbage ‘noodles’ is just incredible (all done in the TMX). She has quite a sweet tooth so if I’m looking for a GF (gluten free) DF (dairy free) SF (sugar free) dessert, you’re spoilt for choices with this book.

I just can’t believe I’m healthier now as I approach the big 5-0 this year, than I was at 20. I’m eternally grateful for the wisdom of these culinary gurus who have been trail-blazers showing us how to do it.

Jo Whitton

Nourish your body and amazing things happen!

Would love to meet you in the Wellbeing Class Series.

Amanda Bryce #thegutsypharmacist #wholefoodsrock #livingthedream #microbiomediet

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