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We’ve bought a milking cow – her home will be Tasmania!

Bruny Island Cheese Co. Crowd Funding

December 5, 2016

We’ve bought a milking cow – her home will be Tasmania!

Tassie is miles ahead of the rest of us. They are already livin’ the dream.

These inspiring, gutsy people know how brilliantly self-sufficient our great grandparents were and understand the respect they had for their land. Sustainable food sources are achievable today if we take a touch more responsibility. One thing we can do right now is support people who are working hard to make this their reality, so they can provide for us.

Businesses and people who share the same values are just meant to work together.

Fat Pig Farm View

Little did I know, that after hosting a Food Tour to Tasmania, Anthony (my husband and business partner) and I would agree on purchasing a rare breed cow. Even more strange, that its’ home would be the Huon Valley. And a wonderful feeling when our clients were super-keen to be a part of this scheme!

Having watched Matthew Evans For The Love of Meat program on SBS this year and followed his progress with partner Sadie on Fat Pig Farm, we were well aware of Evans’ mate, Nick Haddow.

Nick is a master cheesemaker. In Hobart the Bruny Island Cheese Shop was a favourite stop for our crowd of hungry travellers on tour. They raved about the cheese they tasted. Anthony along with many in our group popped his name down for the BI Cheese Club thinking it would be a treat to get cheese from Tassie a few times during the year. But, to end up buying a milking cow was slightly more than we bargained for!

On our return Anthony received a newsletter from Bruny Island Cheese Co. welcoming him to the Cheese Club. It detailed Nicks plan to start his own organic dairy to produce the highest quality raw milk to make their cheese taste even better.

Where the chosen land is situated, was once a vibrant dairy region. This industry sadly has disappeared and Nick wants to prove that small-scale quality dairy farming can be viable in Tasmania again. Today’s Australian dairy farmers face big forces of global markets and pricing. They have to keep their heads above water by pushing their animals and land to the limit to compete and stay in business.

He asked for our help as readers of his plans and appreciators of fine cheese in the form of a number of Crowd Funding offers. Of course we HAD to do something. I emailed the project manager about our plan to perhaps involve our clients and buy a cow as a group. Then off to the gym I trotted!

Nick Haddow of Bruny Island Cheese Co.

Stretching my taught and terrific body after a session that would have made Michelle Bridges proud, my phone rang. It was Nick Haddow, calling me to say hello and thank me for my interest! What a lovely bloke. Could have chatted for ages.

So we contacted our Tasmanian Tour participants with our fiendish plan. Within about 48 hours the money to fund a milking cow for Nicks dairy had been pledged. On Monday I went onto the Crowd Funding web page and clicked the button!

As part of the cow deal, we will also be receiving a selection of Bruny Island Cheese Co. cheese and a 4kg wheel of Raw Milk C2 made from the milk of our cow! Can you believe it? I can feel a Cheese Party coming on. We also get to name our milking bovine. I just know she’ll be a beauty.

To become a part of Nicks ‘Farm Family’ community, receiving regular updates from the farm is pretty special. I’m sure this initiative will be a roaring success and it’s great to know we have done our little bit to forward a business that shares our core values.

But the thing I’m excited about is that we’ll also get to meet our cow on the Tasmania Culinary Tour in 2017 as we have to include a tour of the dairy with Nick. Don’t we?

Psssst…Nick is hopefully attending the Perth Good Food and Wine Show in July and has agreed to host a cheese masterclass here at MoT. Bonus!

Watch this inspiring video and take a look at the beautiful environment where the Matters of Taste cow will live. If you are interested in knowing more, take a look at the crowdfunding page. Let us in WA do contribute to fellow food loving Aussies (and milking cows) in Tasmania.

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