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Winter Camping…

…crazy or clever?

August 15, 2016

Winter Camping…


Winter camping has a special sort of quality. If you like a quiet campsite then this season is all yours for the taking. Remember to take into consideration the high chance of experiencing rain though.

I do think we may have found the perfect combination for relishing what feels like WA’s coldest, wettest winter. Ever.

Beautifully DIY refurbished 2-bedroom, 8 metre long Dental Therapy caravan with reverse cycle air conditioning. Gazebo camp kitchen, with uninterrupted views of Lake Towerrinning. A second Gazebo providing spacious open plan living area, adjacent to the kitchen.Optional zip up walls for when the wind gets up.

This bush campsite is exclusively ours for four cosy sleeps and three glorious days. The sound of peace and quiet and nature going about its business, are so restorative.

We are lucky to have really good mates who we share the same love of the great outdoors and water sports with. Over the past 8 years, on each trip to ‘the lake’, logistics are incrementally improved. The quality of our living and cooking environment and the efficiency in which we can set up and pack down is worthy of an Olympic gold. Camping is a ‘sport’, isn’t it?

The camp fire is a constant source of fascination for me. During my teens I lived with my family in an old English Cotswold farmhouse. I loved the house most when the fire was lit in the big fireplace in the lounge. It had a seemingly magical quality of drawing people to it, bringing the family together. The camp fire here does the same. Conversations and laughter flow whilst the white gum crackles, glowing embers and flames from the pit keep us warm.

Breakfast is a treat! This trip we ditched the pods. Our camp kitchen is resplendent with a ‘proper’ coffee machine. Cafe Cotterell open for business for its 4 clients at any time of the day or night. Some say we are crazy. Others understand our priorities.

Cooking dinner at sunset is my favourite time of day. Perched on the edge of a stunning lake, a full gas bottle and a packet of Herbies Spices in amongst other fresh ingredients means dinner is not far away. And a scrumptious one at that. Other meals are cooked over the fire. They are the ones that taste the absolute best.

Boiling a billy of dam water over the camp fire for washing up is no hardship. There is even romance in cleaning up. Deep sudsy water means your hands warm through to the bone. Deep joy.

Lots of laughter with good friends.

Sunshine and fresh air.

Outdoor meals gladly shared.

This camping lark is just the best.

Try my French Almond Friands. I bake these to take camping with us as they are a sweet treat that improve with age.

2 Comment(s) Tracey's Musings

  1. Jean

    It sounds lovely. I’ve just returned from a camping holiday to Mt Augustus. Our trip was dust and mud though. But glorious just the same.

    • admin

      So great to be in the fresh air enjoying some peace and quiet. Relaxing whatever the weather Jean. 🙂

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