...and we know you do too

Not just the eating part, but that you're interested about the whole story. From the people who grow our food, to the planet they’re passionate about preserving. Our community feel the same way and are already reaping the benefits of being more connected.

  • Environmentally Conscious Produce

    The people of Perth who shop with us want to make sure that they’re helping the environment, while nourishing themselves and their families. When we get the chance to chat (usually while dropping off your weekly groceries), we know you support to, and are grateful for the WA locals who grow the food that maintains our wellbeing.

  • Getting to know the producers

    We'll introduce you to the people who grow your food and care for the planet we’re all passionate about preserving. Being the conduit from the city to the growers, they love meeting our customers who enjoy the fruits of their labour, literally! We work with many inspiring rural primary producers as well as sourcing skilled artisan makers in Perth.

Meet the Team

We’re the family team behind Matters of Taste. When you’ve been working with food for as long as we have, something you realise is that there’s always more to discover! We’re constantly in awe of local farmers and the WA land they work with. We love to tell their stories and show you the work they’re doing to sustain our planet.

  • Tracey Cotterell

    Tracey’s love of food has been part of her life’s story for as long as she can remember. Beginning in the kitchen of her parents’ West Sussex country inn, Tracey went on to run catering teams, curate menus, and work at Lamont’s in Perth’s CBD. Then in 1997 came Matters of Taste in its original form – a cooking school. This work saw Tracey teach over 80,000 people with her famously magnetic teaching style; working first to delight, then to instruct. Now, with an online cooking community, weekly produce boxes, and food tours; Tracey still lives, works, and cooks by her original food philosophy.

  • Anthony Cotterell

    While Tracey’s passion is for the love of food and cooking, Anthony brings a deep appreciation for the land. Growing up in the rural south west of WA, Anthony believes in the power of farmers and regenerative growing practices. But there’s a duality to Anthony. Next to his love of the land, he also has a background in sales and business operations. At Matters of Taste, Anthony is the in-house camera man, editor, and production manager. Any film you see over at theCollective has been shot, produced, and edited by Anthony. He’s also the team’s operation’s manager and delivers your produce boxes every week.

“We believe in the power of small groups to bring about meaningful change. When we work locally, it’s to minimise our footprint and provide quality produce to our neighbours.”